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    I just got back this morning from another run down to Cuppacoffee for resupply and Im sitting here thinking about the great coffee I got and what value it represents.

    Im also thinking about the excessive amount of coffee Im drinking now after investing in my Vivaldi - and the resulting weight gain from all that steamed milk.

    But on the economics of my coffee obsession, I have been eyeing a Behmor Roaster on Ebay recently. It finished auction today selling for $350 (which surprised me, I think the owner got a good price). But, anyway, my reasoning when looking at home roasting was that it would bring the following benefits:

    1) I could save a reasonable amount of money by home roasting (a function of the price delta between green and roasted beans - less energy costs and depreciation);

    2) I would always be able to enjoy freshly roasted coffee (the green beans keep, once roasted they do not); and

    3) I might enjoy the roasting experience and develop my taste further into specialty coffee niches (Single Origins and such).

    But, from an economic perspective, it doesnt really make sense for me to roast my own coffee as Denis is just 15 minutes down the Princes Hwy and the prices he charges are more than reasonable - Ill let him talk about his pricing, but I think his prices represent great value for the product he markets (World Blend is what Ive been drinking recently - and Im very consistently impressed by it).

    I also like Coffee Alchemys Galileo roast, but its more expensive than Denis World Blend and is not any better IMO. Ive mainly been sticking to these two blends though I should probably experiment some more with other suppliers.

    Anyway, on the back of that reasoning, factors 1 and 2 (above) drop out and the only reason I would think about roasting is for the thrill of doing it myself and broadening my understanding of coffees generally. Considering this, and weighing things up, Im not sure that Im ready to commit the money, time and effort required to make that jump right now.

    But, if there is one driving factor, it is probably my proximity to Cuppacoffee that makes the decision easy - it just does not make economic sense to roast.

    Having said all that, things could change in the future. It will be interesting to see where my coffee interest leads next. A doserless grinder (SuperJolly Electronic) is probably the next item on the upgrade path - though upgrades are now facing some uncertainty with the arrival of a new family member. Nevertheless, at some stage a Behmor Roaster might find its way into my hands

    This whole coffee thing has bitten me pretty good, I cannot imagine buying coffee from a supermarket again. Why would I when there is almost no, or very little, price delta for specialty coffee, at least when buying from Cuppacoffee. Moreover, owning an espresso machine has taught me what stale coffee looks and tastes like and I cannot imagine going back to my old ways.

    Looking back, I cannot believe that I ever bought pre-ground coffee from a supermarket (embarrassing).

    Everything summed uip, home espresso has been a good experience - an experience that was launched with my stumbling onto this site mid-last-year.

    Thanks to all who have made this site what it is.

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    Re: Good Value Specialty Coffee

    Hi Jeraldo,
    What youve said makes perfect sense if you can access freshly roasted coffee from trusted scources including coffee snobs brown.
    Roasting as a hobby can be very time consuming,and at its extreme, somewhat obsessive as one compares/cups the end results from the endless subtle variables attainable from different roast temperatures,loads,roast development times etc.etc.etc.
    It is easy to get too caught up in the process, and with the advantage of hindsight, accessing regular freshly roasted beans from a reliable supplier might have been an easier path.....mmm,time to cup yesterdays roast!!