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Water treatment - Scale inhibitor Vs. water softner

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  • Water treatment - Scale inhibitor Vs. water softner

    Hey everyone, just after some clarification from espresso machine minded people.

    I live in a very hard water area (the name Limestone Coast sorta gives it away!). All homes here have water softeners (ion-exchange resin type I believe) installed before water enters the house. When I plumbed my machine in I looked for a filter that could also reduce the likeliness of scale build up. I think what I ended up with was a filter+scale inhibitor. I cant remember the brand but it has marble sized salt-looking balls inside it that I guess will slowly dissolve as it works on the water. After some googling Ive now learned that water softening is quite different to scale inhibition but what I read is either dumbed down sales pitch or far to technical, Ive come here for the logical in between!

    My query is this, I have heard that scale inhibitors, whilst removing scale, can increase the corrosiveness of the water for aluminium and copper. Is this true?

    Should I ditch the scale inhibitor cartridge and let the water softener do its job?

    I didnt buy my filter from the filtration sponsors here (I try and buy local) so Ive refrained from calling them for advice without buying their far.


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    Re: Water treatment - Scale inhibitor Vs. water softner

    Call Bombora. Get expert advice.