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  • Good buying experience

    This is my first post. Ive been lurking as a guest for some while 
    My background is with a low-end Sunbeam and then a Gaggia full-auto (which died).
    I decided this time was about time to do it properly.

    After a couple of phone conversations, I visited site sponsor Jetblack Express. It was an excellent buying experience I must say, dealing first with Brad on the phone and then with a (very pregnant) Debbie. Foolishly I didnt take her card, so I think thats her name (Charlies wife, anyhow).

    I ended up buying a VBM Domobar Junior HX machine, which is more machine than I really need to be honest.
    However I believe in doing it properly if you are going to do it at all. Plus it is just SO beautiful....

    I also purchased a Compak K3 Push, which is out of stock - anywhere. So Ill wait for that before collecting both. I reckon Ill do a course when I go to collect so Ive got a chance of getting what this team of goodies is capable of.

    Now Im a professional sales person myself (High-end Hi Fi as it happens). We did a bit of a deal, but both machines were on special anyway. But I also appreciate what it takes to be a specialty supplier. So its not in me to squeeze the life out of a "deal".

    I know a lot of people think doing the "tough deal" makes them feel clever. Its not.
    If you care about your passion, a good relationship with your supplier IS WORTH SOMETHING. They will bend over backwards to look after someone who is decent to deal with, and the friends you refer to them.
    And thats worth something too. Fairness and decency is a bit of a lost art in this world.

    In advance I look forward to learning from the good folks here. You wont see me post a lot, its not my way. Im a learner, Im not in the business of being an expert / legend in my own lunchtime when Im not. 
    Theres too much of that about....

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    Re: Good buying experience

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs.

    Originally posted by 153E243F2511560 link=1329011874/0#0 date=1329011874
    I visited site sponsor Jetblack Express. It was an excellent buying experience I must say
    Thats always great to hear... we get amazing feedback on all of our site sponsors and its good to know they all keep that high level of service.

    Enjoy your new toys and the next stage in your coffee journey!


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      Re: Good buying experience

      Thanks Andy.
      The good folks at Jetblack Express were an absolute pleasure to deal with and Deb was very patient with my endless detailed questions. Im a tech guy so I cant help it 

      No pressure, just sensible explanations. Produced a rather nice latte too.
      Im just going to have to be patient for my new toys. I look forward to making my Coffee Snobbery amount to something in the cup.  ;D

      Amazing how youll pay X amount more for something SO beautiful. To my eyes anyway. Youre a long time dead though...


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        Re: Good buying experience

        Thanks MU51CL,

        Youve ended up with a fantastic combination! We will keep you posted on the status of your grinder & look forward to seeing you at the course.



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          Re: Good buying experience

          Hey everyone

          This is my first actual post (although Ive been buying beans from the bean bay for a little while). I just wanted to post about my experience buying my new espresso machine and grinder from Ofra at Di Bartoli.

          Frustrated by a lack of consistency out of my Gaggia baby twin and cheap Breville burr grinder, combined with recently moving house and no longer having a couple of good cafes at our door step, my partner and I decided the situation was indeed dire, and that we needed a better set up at home. So off we went to Di Bartoli in Bondi Junction.

          We were there for quite a while (over two hours, I believe) ummming and ahhhing about everything, thinking about what combination of machine and grinder would work best for us, and most importantly trying to absorb as much information as possible. Ofra was very patient with us, explaining everything from the inner workings of the E61 group head, to actually showing us how to use the machine and grinder properly. Ive been making coffee for a while on my Gaggia, but the pointy end is a whole different world, so Im very glad she was able to work out my knowledge level, and explain everything to me in ways I could understand and apply.

          We eventually decided on the Rocket Giotto PP and the Mazzer Mini E (although I like to think that weve now adopted two new family members), and I think the important thing is that we walked out of Di Bartoli feeling that wed made exactly the right choice for us. We didnt feel pressured to buy this machine or that machine, but also (and something that I personally really value as a customer), there were a few things that were suggested as possibly not being right for us, i.e. Ofra was listening to us, and we were getting actual expert advice and suggestions about the different machines, which really helped make our choices easier.

          Ive now got a long way to go in terms of learning, technique, consistency, identifying taste and flavours etc. but Im certainly looking forward to it. Im already very happy with my new purchases, and Im already making better coffee than Ive ever been able to, and I still feel like Ive only just taken my first step.

          So yup, thanks very much to Ofra and everyone at Di Bartoli, its very much appreciated


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            Re: Good buying experience

            Hello Littlecrab,

            Thank you for a wonderful feedback and for the time spent with us! It is certainly not an easy decision to make, as so many different models are out there, all have their own pros and cons, nothing is really perfect, one is required to ask themselves questions about potential coffee drinking preferences theyve never put their mind to before, the entire situation can become quite a daunting exercise! :-/ help is needed!! :

            Thats when we come in and share our knowledge and experience, help you to look from different angles and get a better perspective on what is likely to make you happy at home! (and hopefully succeed.. )

            You guys are so passionate about your coffee, I have no doubt youll enjoy each and every curve of the journey to the god shot, as after all, its all about the journey...

            Have fun and see you next time when you drop by by for your free training!



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              Hi Everyone

              I just wanted to post about my experience buying my new espresso machine and grinder from Di Bartoli.

              I had previously owned a Gaggia Classic over the past 17 years and although I have pulled some decent espresso shots it is very difficult to do consistently time after time. The time to wait for the single boiler to come up to temperature to steam and then cool down again for shots etc when I had guests was a laborious process.

              After much research and having used a friends Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V2 I put it out to the Coffee Snobs sponsors to quote on a Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V2 and Mazzer Mini combo.

              Di Bartoli were the first to call me personally and after some additional emails and calls with Renzo and Ofra I knew they were passionate and valued the relationship with their customers and the deal was done.

              We have since done our training with Renzo which was really enjoyable and has now given my wife the confidence to use the machine as it’s so much easier than the Gaggia. Renzo’s Knowledge is amazing and even though I have been making espresso for some time I still managed to pick up some great info for example how to extract different flavours out of the exact same shot by the way the milk is added.

              Renzo never rushed us and even gave me some advice on roasting which I have started getting into.

              Renzo and Ofra are always quick to respond to any email queries I’ve had even after hours which has been really great.

              Bottom line guys upgrading to a higher end machine can be a significant investment so make sure it’s backed up by great support like Di Bartoli offer.

              Thanks to Ofra, Renzo and everyone at Di Bartoli.


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                Hi Viper101,

                You absolutely rock!

                What many vendors forget sometimes, is that at the end of the day it's the customer who puts in the hard yard.

                You have done ton of researching, spent time over the phone, took a risk in investing heavily in an appliance you are not yet familiar with, and after the sale, you've spent many more hours tweaking the coffee, getting used to a different technology and not giving up even when things go pear shape, and they do...

                So first and foremost kudus to you for taking the plunge and trusting us in being your guide whenever you needed us.

                You know what they say the difference between a Coach and a Mentor is? a Mentor will give you all the answers, a Coach will help you finding them within you.

                We'd like to think of ourselves as coffee coaches, never enforce our opinions, and always asking the right questions that trigger an intrinsic knowledge within you, that gives you the clarity you needed.

                In 10 years of working with over 10,000 Home Baristas, we found out it's not enough to be a professional, or to show a good customer service, or even cut on prices, to deliver the best experience to coffee lovers who need to be 100% sure they made the right choice: the right choice with the vendor, the right choice with equipment, and the right choice with the beans.

                The only way we can help you to get there is if we get to know you better, put ourselves in your shoes and understand your fears, concerns and reservations so well, that we can bring all those other 10,000 people's experiences into YOUR equation and answer those fears one by one.

                So really, it is always you guys that shine, and you DO have the answers already within you, we just help you to dig them out...

                With gratitude and warm regards,