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  • Idyllic cafe checklist

    OK - I was drinking some fabulous coffee at Estabar situated at Newcastle Beach. It was early morning so the cafe was not overcrowded, the weather was drizzly with the ocean somewhat rough and moody. Excellent nibbles, lovely staff etc. I was on a wooden stool sitting at a window looking at the pounding surf. This was magnificent but was it perfect?

    You know - given all those ingredients it should have been, but there was something still missing. For me (and it is my personal thing) I really wanted some gentle atmospheric music - perhaps a touch of Tangerine Dreams Beach Scene from the album Thief or Pink Floyds Us & Them from Dark Side of the Moon. Perhaps the Allegro Moderato (1st movement) from Bachs Brandenburg Concerto No.2  - ah, its all personal 

    Now, this is certainly not a criticism of anything Estabar offers, I hope I make that very clear. In fact , as far as product, location, staff etc goes Estabar is brilliant.

    No, this is a musing however of a question I pondered during that experience.

    The question is this : Taking sublime coffee as a constant, if you could create the perfect cafe experience tailor made for you personally (and sod everyone else ;D) what would it be for you? 

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    Re: Idyllic cafe checklist

    If only one COULD take sublime coffee as a constant...


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      Re: Idyllic cafe checklist

      Nice music--Yes--but only to drown out the city traffic.
      I would much rather hear the ocean than any music.