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Suggestions for new coffees to try?

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  • Suggestions for new coffees to try?

    Hi all,

    Since Ive finally got the Rocky/Botticelli combo singing, Im feeling adventurous and want to try some other coffees. Up until now Ive used various Rio blends exclusively. There isnt a massive choice for coffee beans in Adelaide.

    Ive checked out a few of the site sponsors who have a good range at what seem to be pretty good prices.

    I like a fairly strong, flavorful coffee - Ive used Rios El Salvador, Organic, East Timorese and Espresso blends.

    Keen to try something Indian.

    Any suggestions for someone stepping out into the speciality coffee field? Budget is ~$25/kg.

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    Re: Suggestions for new coffees to try?

    Originally posted by DavidR link=1156120690/0#0 date=1156120690
    Any suggestions for someone stepping out into the speciality coffee field? Budget is ~$25/kg.
    At that price, Id imagine that youre not exactly going to be overwhelmed with options! I have used some of David Makins world barista comp blend from Veneziano and thats fantastic; incredibly forgiving, but you need to let it rest for at least a week after getting it. Indian Monsooned Malabar is a significant flavour component. Its expensive, but nice for a treat.

    As you alluded to, the CoffeeHit stuff seems to be pretty damned cheap and they seem to have won a buch of medals from the Sydney food show ... I guess I should really buy some stuff at some stage. I have no idea how much Attilio from Cosmorex is charging, but a friend of mine recently had some of their stuff and was impressed. I took a quick look at their webpage and all the indian stuff that they have is plantation A, though ... not a fan. St Ali in Melbourne have recently gotten a whole bunch of interesting indian stuff in - Ive got some Elkhilll Estate Selection 9 to try - but, again, theyre going to charge more than $25/kg! If someone cant recomend something else local, you might be left with CoffeeHit by default!




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      Re: Suggestions for new coffees to try?

      I guess I should clarify my budget - not a hard and fast $25. I pay $26 - $30/kg from what I get from Rio, so Id be looking to pay in the same ballpark. Anything north of the low $30s would be pushing the budget. $32 wouldnt really bother me for a special coffee, but the high $20s would be the max for the everyday blend.

      And speciality just means something other than the "house" blend - not a super-dooper single-origin hand-picked special.


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        Re: Suggestions for new coffees to try?

        Two more from Rios that weve tried recently are Mountain Top (my wifes current
        favourite) and a Sidamo (fascinating berry flavours on the rare occasions that I get the extraction just right).

        Been meaning to try Monjava in Kent Town but havent got around to it yet. They
        roast at least twice a week so should be fresh. Lets know if you try there - interested
        in opinions .

        There is a small craft shop in Aldgate with a sideline in specialty coffees. Some very nice
        stuff but at $10/250g. Also some green at about half that price.

        Getting into August poll coffees more now -- waiting for a weekend Harrar roast to settle ...


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          Re: Suggestions for new coffees to try?

          Pioneer roastery at Yandina Qld (google it) have some very nice blends and SO roasts. If you order online most of these are about $19per kg (0r $9 for 250grammes!). All the crew there are very helpful and Im sure Jason the roastmaster would help you out with any info. THey roast several times a week I think so freshness shouldnt be an issue