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    I made this list for myself, and I thought rather than letting it go to waste, someone else may find it useful as well. Main reason for making it was to see Andys notes for each bean together on the same page.


    starter pack - $26.00 each
    This is the famous CoffeeSnobs Starter Pack. 
    Inside you will find 4 x 500gm sample packs of green beans ready for home roasting  for only $26 (plus freight)

    NOTE: These are strictly one per new CoffeeSnob member.

    Sulawesi Blue - $33.75 / 2.50kg
    Amazing deep blue green colour from this wet hulled and hand sorted Sulawesi bean.  Easy to roast, requires a fair amount of heat early then a tapering heat curve before dropping at around CS9.  Lots of fruit, light acidity, super body and a little spice in the finish.  This is what great wet hulled indos are all about.

    Peru Ceja de Selva Estate - $27.50 / 2.50kg
    Peru Ceja de Selva Estate - Organic certified at origin by Naturland this high grown coffee comes from an estate at the base of the Andes and is the best Peruvian organic I have ever tried.  The bean grading has some variation and like all true organic coffee there are some brokens and minor damage beans which add to the authenticity.  In the cup this washed (but not polished) coffee produces  great body with a long mid-palate profile.  Great as a single origin espresso or as a base to a more exotic blend.

    Ethiopian Gambella Sundried - $27.50 / 2.50kg
    Ethiopian Gambella Sundried - Amazing coffee that we often called "poor mans Yemen".  Very similar in style to the dry processed Yemeni beans the Gambella is full of sweet ripe fruit flavours like sultanas and red berries it has some earthy spice aromas and off the group handle you will see a syrup like pour.  Huge body, bold and wild coffee that shows just how wonderful old growth heirloom coffee can be.

    Peru Segunda Wilds - $17.50 / 2.50kg
    Peru Sugunda Wilds.  Wild picked, ugly, chipped, broken, blacks, odd sized and unsorted.  It roasts uneven but if you can look past all the indicators that this will be a bad coffee then in the cup you will find that it produces what can only be described as a 5 bean single origin blend.  Milled by Cafe Perusha this coffee is sold as a commercial base bean but it drinks ok by itself.  Good body, low acidity and at $7/kg this bargain coffee will surprise you.

    PNG Wahgi AA - $30.00 / 2.50kg
    The Wahgi is back!  Well washed, sorted and sized this is a really easy bean to roast and the results work well through a number of roast depths and brewing styles.  Bright and acidic at CS8, Sweet at CS9, full of cocoa at CS10.  I like it as an doppio espresso at CS9 where its still has some lingering brightness but this coffee really shines best in milk based drinks.

    Brazil Pulped Natural - $25.00 / 2.50kg
    Brazil Pulped Natural.  These are sun dried and screened to a large bean 17/18.  They are easy to roast but will produce a lot of chaff just before 1st crack.  In the cup it has a big fat body and while it drinks well as a single origin its really the perfect 50% base to an Italian style espresso when taken up to a CS10.

    Ethiopian Harrar Longberry - $28.75 / 2.50kg
    Really nice grading for a dry processed coffee and as soon as you open the roasted bag you get hit with the fruity berry aromas that Harar is famous for.  Light in body as an espresso but with a tighter pour it will become a heavier shot.  Dont worry about a splotchy coloured roast, dry processed beans do that and it will still taste great in the cup.

    PNG Eastern Highland Wilds - $20.00 / 2.50kg
    PNG Eastern Highland Wilds.  This is a strange coffee, really strange and possibly the ugliest coffee I have seen for a long time.  Im told it was picked from wild coffee trees and is ungraded, unsorted, full of different sized and different coloured beans .  Before dismissing the sample as floor sweepings I roasted some and found that it roasts surprisingly ok.  In the cup it produced a very big coffee that worked well as a latte or a macchiato but not as well as an espresso.  A good cheap blender at $8 a kilo.

    Ethiopia Limmu - $26.25 / 2.50kg
    This Ethiopia Limmu is a ripper.  Super clean and easy to roast.  At a CS8 roast depth its lively in the cup with a light body but a big citrus tang in the finish.  While it was nice at a CS9 and the body improved I think this coffee is a standout at the lighter roast depths and would work well for pourover, drip, plunger and a whole host of brewing methods.

    Aceh Bitang Grade 1 - $33.75 / 2.50kg
    Aceh Bitang.  Wet hulled and loads of chaff even as a green bean this is easily one of the best Northern Indonesian coffees we have ever landed.  The body is huge, the coffee is fruity, spicy and plump and does this without the musty or dirty notes that can sometimes taint the wet hulled coffees.

    Rwanda Cyarumbo - $27.50 / 2.50kg
    Rwanda Cyarumbo.  This coffee hails from Southern Rwanda and is clean and well processed.
    It is a high grown coffee and quite dense, I found it took a fair amount of early heat in the roast to get it to ramp like I expected to 1st crack.  I found this best at CS10 where the cocoa shone through and the acidity was tame.  I would liken this to a soft Kenyan in style, great coffee as an espresso or in milk.

    Colombian Volcan Galeras Supremo - $28.75 / 2.50kg
    Colombian Volcan Galeras Supremo - New stock of the CS favourite has just arrived.  Large supremo sized graded beans, clean and well sorted. This is a really easy bean to roast and works well through a range of roast depths.  In the cup it produces a bold, slightly spicy espresso that stands-up well in milk based drinks.

    Flores Research Project - $30.00 / 2.50kg
    The Flores Research Project coffee comes from the Bajawa district of the Island of Flores and is the result of many years work with the farmers to produce their best specialty coffee using a processing method that suits the region.  I wont describe the coffee at all, instead we want CSrs who purchase this coffee to provide their honest feedback in the cupping thread that will help aid the future direction of the regions farmers.  Details:

    Tanzania Kyaurinde FairCrack Pulped - $31.25 / 2.50kg
    Tanzania Kyaurinde FairCrack Pulped.  Kyaurinde was the fourth pulper that FairCrack funded, we also funded new above ground drying racks so this coffee really has a strong connection with us.  The coffee was picked from wild coffee trees on the southern slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro within walking distance of the village.  All the cherry was then bought back to the central pulping unit (CPU) and pulped, then dried before going to the mill for final processing and bagging.  Ralph also had this packed in Grainpro bags and it shipped with the Uru Estate coffee.  In the cup it has great body, a zing of brightness and ripe fruits with a spicy peppery cocoa finish at CS10.

    Tanzania Uru Estate - $31.25 / 2.50kg
    Uru Estate is located between Moshi and Mt Kilimanjaro and managed by Bente Luther-Medoch.  Bente is a name familiar with CoffeeSnobs as our lady on the ground in Tanzania who has done some amazing work with our FairCrack projects over the last few years.  This estate coffee sets a new benchmark for just how amazing Tanzanian coffee can be.  The farm is Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) certified and thanks to Ralph, it was shipped here in Grainpro bags to ensure it arrived in perfect condition. It roasts well and produces a big bodied cocoa espresso shot with plenty of sweetness and blackcurrant like fruit flavours.  Stunning coffee.

    DECAF - Wow! - $37.50 / 2.50kg
    Working closely with the Swiss Water team we have developed a custom Swiss Water Process Decaf that is as close to Espresso Wow as we can get.  You will stun your friends and family when you tell them this good bodied, whole palate balanced coffee is a decaf. 

    Roast by temperature, not colour to just before second crack for best results.

    Ethiopia Ghimbi - $31.25 / 2.50kg
    After a long Ghimbi drought this is the second shipment this year of this coffee.  Wild, earthy, spicy and fruity espresso shots that work well as a single origin but also work well as highlight to a balanced blend.  Sun dried processing and organic farming methods leave this Western Ethiopian coffee at its natural best.

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    Re: BeanBay Bean List

    Quite a long list...

    El Salvador Finca Belvedere SHG - $32.50 / 2.50kg
    This El Salvador from the Belvedere Estate is a strictly high grown, washed and large bean graded. Think something near the size of peanuts when roasted! This was an easy roaster and on the lighter side of CS9 produced an espresso shot with green apple brightness and a light body. Interesting different as an espresso and should work a treat in syphon, plunger and aeropress.

    Australia Mountain Top Rays Selection #789 - $62.50 / 2.50kg
    Mountain Top Estate Rays Selection #789. This is a very special coffee from our favourite Aussie farm. The production manager Ray selected the best and the ripest cherries during 3 consecutive days of the harvest. These beans were then semi-washed and dried using the honey process before being size graded and colour sorted. In the cup we get the best body ever from a local bean with a spicy dry finish. We liked this so much we bought the whole lot!

    Yemen Mocha Haimi - $82.50 / 2.50kg
    Yemen Mocha Haimi is the second of 3 Yemeni coffees direct from Al-Ezzi. The Yemen Haimi is also dry processed and while it retains some of the cocoa it come with berries and ripe fruit flavours in the big bodied espresso. Excellent single origin shots that taste like a complex blend.

    Yemen Mocha Sanaani - $80.00 / 2.50kg
    Is the third of 3 Yemeni coffees direct from Al-Ezzi. Yemen Mocha Sanaani is the fruitiest of the three, blood plum, black cherries and ripe mulberry still with a cocoa hit at the end. The beauty of landing these 3 regional coffees from Yemen at the same time is the unique ability to try multiple Yemen beans side by side. Amazing coffees at supermarket coffee prices, enjoy!

    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Special Prep - $31.25 / 2.50kg
    Yirggy, Yirggy, Yirg! We have just landed more of the special prep, double sort Yirgacheffe. Very well screened and hand graded (twice) it produces an amazing aroma off the grinder and is full of florals in the cup. Great at a CS8 light roast but still interesting at a CS9 where the body improves and you get more cocoa tones in the cup. An exciting and interesting coffee in espresso based drinks or using other brew methods like drip, plunger and syphon.

    India Elephant Hills Grade A - $27.50 / 2.50kg
    This is the first time that we have landed this direct trade Indian coffee. The Elephant Hills coffee hails from the Thalanar region well known for growing coffee, citrus and cardamom. Well processed and screened to A grade this is an easy coffee to roast and works well as a single origin or as a base for a traditional Italian style blend. Super sweet and quite bold in milk based drinks and should become a favourite of CSrs everywhere.

    India Monsoon Malabar Gold - $21.00 / 2.00kg
    India Monsoon Malabar Gold is a AA grade large screen size monsooned coffee. The coffee is left to dry on racks slowly through the wet and windy monsoon season and this unique process yeilds a light weight, large size bean. Easy to roast it produces a crema monster in the cup with heavy bodied gelatinous crema and spicy, earthy flavours. Often enjoyed as a low acidity single origin or added to a blend to improve the crema.
    Due to the size of the beans this is packed in 2kg lots.

    Kenya Kieni Mugaga AA - $47.50 / 2.50kg
    Kenya Kieni Mugaga AA is an amazing Kenyan coffee. Large bean size and well graded it was milled by the Kieni coop who continue to produce some of the best coffees in Kenyan competition every year. This is a very hard bean that takes some heat early in the roast, it also darkens at a lower temperature (higher sugars maybe?) so roast by the probe not the colour. Huge room filling florals off the grinder and big bright espresso screams Kenyan at you. Pricey but a great example of how good a Kenyan can be.

    Jamaican Blue Mountain - $96.00 / 1.00kg
    Jamaican Blue Mountain. We have purchased a single barrel from the Stoneleigh coffee mill. Stoneleigh is owned by the Jamaica Coffee Corporation and is a new, state of the art coffee mill on the Blue Mountain producing the highest grade JBM available. This is one of the most expensive coffees in the world if you dont count the ones that come out of critters. Is it worth it? I have always thought the JBM is overpriced but if you have never tried genuine Blue Mountain coffee then for around $1 a cup you now can. Due to the high purchase cost this has been packed in 1kg foil bags (not 2.5kg cotton) so you wont need a second mortgage to try it.

    Cup Of Excellence Nicaragua - $98.75 / 2.50kg
    Cup Of Excellence Nicaragua - La Bendicion. Misael Saucedo Olivera has been growing coffee on this farm for 18 years. The varietal is a Maragogype (think as big as peanuts) and it was washed and sun dried. The Cup of Excellence judges scored this 87.19 and their Flavour/Aroma descriptors were: green apple, red berry, toast, apricot, peach, banana, black cherry, chocolate, leather, blueberry. Acidity: lively, crispy, bright, balanced. Other: rich body, walnut, hazelnut, long aftertaste. You may not find the same fruit salad in the cup but this is still one of the finest Nicaraguan coffees this season.


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      Re: BeanBay Bean List

      Good on you David

      You can see descriptions from previous BeanBay offerings in the Knock Box section


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        Re: BeanBay Bean List

        Originally posted by 4F45504747485C5A290 link=1331167410/2#2 date=1331171048
        Good on you David

        You can see descriptions from previous BeanBay offerings in the Knock Box section

        Ooooh! Goody! Thanks. Now I can add the rest to the list.