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  • Grinding Dilemma

    I have a question to ask CSs ......!

    Next week we intend to do a road trip for about 8 days . I have roasted enough beans for the trip and intend to take our VBM Piccolo single boiler , but I have not been able to find a grinder to tag along for the week , I dont want to take the the F6 Fiorenzato, its just too big.

    So if I were to pre grind beans before I left home , would I grind exactly as I would for fresh or do I need to grind tighter or even looser for coffee to be drinkable during the week ?

    I plan to store it in an airtight  container....

    Any advice would be appreciated, or even a better solution ...!!!


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    Re: Grinding Dilemma

    Ive noticed that older beans tend to spit out the coffee quicker, resulting in under-extraction.

    Even when I only buy a 250g bag, the difference is sometimes noticeable towards the end of the bag.

    I would think you need to grind a little finer than normal. But hey youre going on a road trip, and is coffee really that important?

    Oh yeah Im on the coffee snobs forum.. Ill let others post their more valuable opinions


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      Re: Grinding Dilemma

      Have you had 8-day old ground coffee? Even if its airtight, its still ground in oxygen and theres still oxygen in the container. But if youre happy drinking it then thats up to you. I found enough passable Maccas and roadside cafes to satisfy me while on my trip through NSW, but that is more populated than, say, the NT, so it depends.

      I prefer to take a hand grinder with me when camping - its much nicer than pre-ground. You could probably get a Hario Skerton or box grinder delivered before you leave, although its more to buy if youre tight already.



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        Re: Grinding Dilemma

        If youre going to the trouble of taking an espresso machine, get a small hand grinder and enjoy the coffee.