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Grind, Beans, or operater error?

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  • Grind, Beans, or operater error?

    Hi, self identified newbie here, with possibly very dumb question; I have recently changed beans to some roasted locally (typically I get beans from smaller roasters that produce regular batches that I tend to access within 2-3 weeks of roast date and grind as I go) with dreadful results!
    I have been making fairly consistently pleasing milk and non milk based coffees from my Sunbeam Cafe series machine, using the single floor baskets that came as part of the standard package.  The new beans WILL NOT pour at a reasonable rate, seem to produce no crema and result in shots that looks like plunger coffee.  The roasters suggested that dual floor baskets work better and they do produce the re-pressured crema as expected, but still a watery shot that pours very fast...My question: whats gone wrong? beans, grind setting (which Ive tinkered with from both ends of the dial) or some other operator error?  If its likely the beans, whats the likely issue? 

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    Re: Grind, Beans, or operater error?

    There are waaay too many options for bad coffee to guess without lots more information--sorry.

    Although if the only thing that you changed was the beans, then the answer doesnt require a guess.

    Just because the roaster is local, doesnt mean they know what they are doing.



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      Re: Grind, Beans, or operater error?

      so youve taken them as fine as your grinder will go? What is your grinder?