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Grind differnce between single shot and double shot?

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  • Grind differnce between single shot and double shot?

    Hey Guys,

    Ive been having trouble getting my grind right with my newly puchased toys, but im sure its just a matter of trial and error and practice.
    The thing is though I usually make a double shot in the double shot basket. But I was wondering if it would matter if I got my grind right using the single shot basket to save so much wasted coffee, then use the same grind when i go back to the double shot basket?



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    Re: Grind differnce between single shot and double shot?

    Hi Adam,

    Youll find that you probably require a different grind between the single and double shots. So this is a problem, although, I cant really comment on this, but the grind difference may be small enough as to get it in the range for the double. Then just do some fine tuning with the double.



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      Re: Grind differnce between single shot and double shot?

      I think youll find that if you get the grind right for a fully dosed single basket, it may result in too fast a pour in a fully dosed double. That is what would happen with my machine /baskets. As I understand things, the go is to get your dosing / grind /tamp right on a double, then when if you switch to a single adjust the dosing (down) appropriate for your particular machine. The reason this doesnt work so well in reverse is that a single basket usually holds less than 50% of a double when correctly dosed. Just my understanding anyway....and is consistent with what happened when I tried to do what you are proposing...could have been operator error.


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        Re: Grind differnce between single shot and double shot?

        I find this an interesting question because I was perplexed too when trying to get my new machine to play properly last year.

        I only really make singles now - I do make the occasional double but I chiefly make singles for myself. And Ive got the single-dose routine down pat.

        More than adjusting the grind between the two baskets, Ive found that you have to adjust the leveling of the basket and the tamp between the two basket sizes. Interestingly, no one tells you this - you just have to work it out. I suspect that a lot of people dont switch around between basket sizes and just do singles or doubles - from what I can make out most people seem to stick with double baskets.

        I level the double basket flat before tamping which gives the correct clearance between the group head and the coffee. With the single basket, I use the lid from the top of the Mazzer Mini doser chamber (i.e. the curve at the edge) to scoop out a little more ground coffee than would be taken out of the basket by level dosing. If I dont do this I do not get the correct clearance between the coffee puck and the group head and the extraction is poor - note that the Vivaldi is very sensitive to dosing (though I would be surprised if this wasnt the case with other machines to some extent also).

        Anyway, my theory is that the shape of the single basket (the shape of the single basket is different - volume is smaller as it is not an exact cylinder - and the extraction area - the perforated area of the basket - smaller in comparison to the double) means that there is simply not the same volume and area for compression once you tamp if you level dose at any particular grind. And for this reason you need to vary the volume of coffee in the basket before tamping to produce the puck.

        Im sure there are experts who will take objection to my technique (which Ive arrived at after considerable trial and error). Feel free to flame away.

        My two cents.


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          Re: Grind differnce between single shot and double shot?

          single and doubles would require a different grind ideally, but can use tamping and dosing to keep grind the same.

          The reason is that because they have different levels of coffee and different shaped baskets with the same tamp pressure they are going to have different levels of resistance to the water, thus they wont have the same extraction time.

          Personally i hate single baskets, i think they make an inferior coffee and if i wanted a single shot id use a dialed in double shot basket and grind and just collect the one shot. For home use its like what 50c going to waste?

          If youre going pour doubles primarily, then use the double basket.

          Also dont worry about wasting coffee of setting up new equipment, new machines need to be "seasoned" anyway.


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            Re: Grind differnce between single shot and double shot?

            Originally posted by 182C2D2D30590 link=1332889991/4#4 date=1333789473
            Personally i hate single baskets, i think they make an inferior coffee
            Im with you on that, Ive tried to make it work for me using the single (with the idea to save on coffee usage) and I just cant get the same taste as I get using the same beans, same grind but in the double basket. Ive found with my preferred espresso bean blend, 20g of coffee gives the best results, you just cant jam that in to the single basket.
            I must admit though, I dont like to have 4 shots of coffee a day, but Ill live with the late nights.


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              Re: Grind differnce between single shot and double shot?

              I have always used both the baskets as when I make coffee I usually make a Piccolo Latte + Macchiato for me and a Cappa for my Son. He gets the single basket and I often admire the nice pour I get with this.
              My machine is very grind/dose/tamp sensitive and all the variables have to be spot-on to get the perfect pour with either basket. I always go one grinder stop coarser for the single but tamp about the same.
              I can certainly get a nice pour from the single basket as long as I carefully control all the elements.