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Acid & Spice...What is the Difference?

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  • Acid & Spice...What is the Difference?

    Hi All,
    A question about tasting and flavour if i may... What is the difference between acidic and spicy flavours in a brew? I know well what the flavours are like in other foods but, really would like to find out about the difference by taste in coffee. I have always (probably wrongly) associated spicy and acidic together - I have a copy of the tasting wheel to help me distinguish/ compare flavours but have not been able to discern the difference yet. I have tasted a lively, citrusy sort of zest in a young (3 days) lot of the columbian I roasted, is this acid?
    regards, Frank (Mariner).

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    Re: Acid & Spice...What is the Difference?

    I think what your tasting would be acidity, in coffee terms "acidity" is the proton donations of acids to taste receptors this has nothing really to do with the pH levels. The acids found in coffee differ depending on type, region and altitude at which the beans were grown. The acids leach out of the beans with age so the longer since roast date the lower the acidity. As for spice I think its about flavour

    Thats my understanding anyway but Im sure other cs that know more and correct me