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Ethiopia Limu too salty

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  • Ethiopia Limu too salty

    Hi all

    I have just tried some home roasted (popper) Ethiopia Limu and the overriding taste was of salt.   I tried changing the grind and temp surfing on my Silvia to try and get rid of the salt but after five shots I gave up.

    What is the cause of the salty taste?   I have heard that brewing with water that is too hot can cause it - but as I dont get  the same degree of saltiness with professionally roasted beans I am tending towards my roasting as the cause.   I am wondering if it is the result of the fact that cooler weather tends to mean the popper only just reaches second crack after 16 minutes or so (150 gms green beans) and I am baking the beans too much - I roast outdoors.


    Ron :P

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    Re: Ethiopia Limu too salty

    Hey Ron,

    I seem to remember having a very salty PNG coffee in Perth and getting rid of the flavour by increasing the PID setting. So you might want to try a hotter temp surf. Id try something significantly higher to see if youre on the right track.

    Have you tried it in milk yet? Might actually be pretty awesome!