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Confession time. . .

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  • Confession time. . .

    I dont know why Im doing this - some inner need to humiliate myself, or a lack of caffeine perhaps, or maybe its the after dinner Muscat speaking, but here goes:

    Ok - its done, you can read it if you like - out of fairness to Andy I had to do it cause hes such a good bloke.

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    Re: Confession time. . .

    Well done, grendel...that made for amusing reading.


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      Re: Confession time. . .

      And you know what grendel?
      You were not the only one who asked this question!
      I remeber a post from another snob at the time wondering what the courier company had stacked next to his beans to make them smell that way.

      It is a very overpowering aroma. I had to store my tea out in the shed as the pantry cupboard was unable to contain the scent.


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        Re: Confession time. . .

        Ive triple bagged mine in clip seals and I can still smell it. Im thinking of adding a few leaves into a stew as an experiment. Also going to drink a few cups in an attempt to aquire a taste for it. Its fascinating tea though.


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          Re: Confession time. . .Thundergods turn

          That was brave.

          OK then, my turn (not coffee related).

          Many years ago when I was a lad of about 14 or 15, I had been to the Malabar rifle range with the school cadets and was on my way home.

          I walked all the way from the range to a bus stop in Kensington and when I got there I was starving.
          Unfortunately I had little money besides my bus fare.
          20 cents to be exact.

          Well, there was a fruit shop near the bus stop, so I wandered through to see what I could afford.
          The only thing I could find within my measly budget was one of a strange thing Id never seen or heard of before; a chinese gooseberry (these days known as kiwi fruit).

          My hunger pangs were increasing so I threw caution to the wind and bought it.

          Back at the bus stop I took out my pocket knife and cut the strange fruit in half.
          To my shock and horror it was GREEN inside!!!

          Well, I was starving as I said, so I cursed myself for being so stupid as to by unripened fruit but resigned myself to eating it anyway as I was so hungry...............deep breath.............bite.

          You can guess the rest. I still eat kiwi fruit, but dont have to steal myself beforehand these days.  ;D