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A big Thank you to Chris at Talk Coffee

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  • A big Thank you to Chris at Talk Coffee

    As a relative newbie to serious coffee brewing and consumption, I wasnt a total newbie to brewing coffee, but not to the extent of what I would expect most members of this site to be. Its taken me a couple of years to be wholly conviced of the benefits of better brewed coffee! So I would just like to say a very big THANK YOU to Chris at Talk Coffee and the folks a Cosmorex for shipping my new machine and the support after the sale. If ever there was a reason to support a sponsor of this site, this is it. I really appreciate the follow up from these guys with the after sales service. The tips and pointers have enabled me to very quickly get the best out of my machine and make me wonder if an E61 group head is going to be worth it in about 5 years time.... :(knowing myself as I do, it is more than likely that I will end up with a machine like that just for bragging rights! )

    So Thank You to Talk Coffee and Cosmorex......And Coffee parts! Suppoort the sponsors of this site, so the knowledge can continue to flow. Especially to grateful newbies like me. Next stop - home roasting.......... :-/

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    Re: A big Thank you to Chris at Talk Coffee

    Many thanks for your kind words Ash.

    FC, @
    CosmoreX Coffee.


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      Re: A big Thank you to Chris at Talk Coffee

      Aww shucks Ash :-[ Anytime! Were happy to help and glad that youre enjoying your new goodies!

      You know where to find us when its time to get that e-61 8-)