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  • Commercial Coffee Setup Discussion and Help

    Company currently working for is planning some renovations for the shop and they have asked me for some input as to what we should change in regards to the Coffee setup, i was hoping people could post some pictures of the best commercial setups they have seen (Functionally and Aesthetically) We have a 2-group Synesso Sabre, 3 Mazzer Grinders (Major + Kony + Mini) No Alternative-Brewing Methods, would say 70% Dine-in customers.

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    Re: Commercial Coffee Setup Discussion and Help

    Gosh youll need to be careful, just the mere mention of those coffee forum politikally korrekt brand names and your business is going to be a huge success without trying. People are going to come from far and wide to sample whatever brews come out of those brands....even the tea...Youll be run off your feet, aesthetics and functionally wont matter  you could probably do it with recycled corrugated iron and a bit of surplus fence paint ;D ;D ;D

    Ok now we can cut to the chase.

    There is no substitute for getting off the computer and going and taking a look around at the places that seem to be successful.

    Thats not just in your city, but in the other capitals.

    Which is why you are asking for people to post their photos. Its understandable you want to save on the considerable and expensive leg work required. I understand your point of view, But.......

    If someone came into my establishment and was caught snapping away taking photos of our set up, he/she would be unceremoniously ejected. Its happened....a competitor brought his design people in, they sat and copied whatever they thought were good ideas. And then they opened up in close proximity.....

    First you need to visit, and then if you see something you like, you need to ask if photos are k0sha. Expect to be given the third degree.  Understandably, not everyone will welcome you with open arms and, you will need to remember stuff that you saw, where photos arent an option.

    The results you seek to obtain, and the task you have been set, will not be as easy as posting the question initially on an internet board.

    You will be needing to actually talk to people for them to give you their advice.

    I dont mind a bit of book shop browsing and occasionally have found publications that show restaurants and cafes. This can be worthwhile because some of these places are way out of area or o/s so you wouldnt otherwise get to see them. Some good ideas there.

    My 3 cents worth, and I hope that helps.


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      Re: Commercial Coffee Setup Discussion and Help

      the age in melbourne had reviewed a lot of coffee shops and put out a coffee handbook  with quite a few pictures
      seems to be on here
      might give you some ideas
      maybe you need to undertake a fact finding mission