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  • Coffee Locations in the World

    I was having a bit of study time on the beloved bean and came across the following site.
    I was most imressed with this and actually learnt something.

    In all that we learn, we also learn that we know so little.


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    Re: Coffee Locations in the World

    We have a book that we are waiting for permission to use info from so we can better describe the coffees we have on offer. Ill give full details of it once we have permission to do so.



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      Re: Coffee Locations in the World

      Originally posted by scoota gal link=1173388629/0#0 date=1173388629
      I challenge you all to go deep into the forum here, and resurrect a thread from the past. Make it an old one, one that was popular but died off. BUT, you must make the post count, you have to say something constructive!!  

      Just stick with the General Coffee Related forum for now. I just thought with 37 pages or so, it would be interesting to see what you find!  
      No mention of Australia in that article.
      Were we not on the coffee map 2 years ago?


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        Re: Coffee Locations in the World

        Yeah interesting, I know of 4-5 coffee plantations in QLD, and the one closest to me actually used to produce more coffee 5 years ago then they do today. Not sure why, I read some news articles over the years, and over those years they got less and less press, and less and less tons - in a recent year the crop was quite damaged I think - too much rain or something haha.
        Yeah.. tiz weird.. Ive been saying for ages, Central Queensland has no coffee culture, its a shame, and its even more of a shame when we have plantations that dont really even promote themselves!!
        I wouldnt even know WHERE to buy the beans from the plantation an hour away from my home...