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  • PIDing Silvia......

    As the warranty of my Silvia is rapidly coming to an end, I’m starting to do some preliminary investigations on what it would take to PID my Rancilio Silvia. I’m a sucker for these things, and whether it has a positive impact or not, I’m determined to give it a go.

    Has anyone here PID a Silvia, or made investigations into getting parts? I’ll be replicating Paul’s approach ( as this is a very neat design and looks fantastic.

    Is anyone interested in doing the same? Perhaps we can get a slight discount if we group by the components.


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    Re: PIDing Silvia......

    I "P"ed my Silvia (I got a $150 proportional only digital controller) I was going to buy a Fuji controller from the mob in the US that everyone gets them from, but they wouldnt take a credit card payment from overseas and wanted me to wire the money. Also the shipping/handling they quoted me was jaw droppingly ludicrous. I bought the controller and an SSR from RS who tend to be expensive but it was convenient. Then put it all in a plastic project box I bought at Dick Smith which just sits next to the Silvia. All up cost was probably a little over $200.

    If you want to see the controller I got, its part no. 360-5052 at It says its a PI controller, but the I part is essentially useless since its set to about 10 minutes and non-adjustable, any for espresso machine control I think you really only need P and D, I isnt going to get you much in my opinion. This unit is a bunch cheaper than a proper PID but you get what you pay for I guess. P only control doesnt let you tune out the over shoot when the machine is recovering from a shot. But for half the price I dont mind.

    Edit: Might be worth looking at something like the West 2300 PIDs, RS part no 292-0221, $246 for one or $228 each for 6+


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      Re: PIDing Silvia......

      Did you end up installing the PID?

      Ive been thinking about doing my Gaggia Classic...