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  • Looking for good coffee

    I recently started a new job within walking distance of Macquarie Shopping Centre in Sydney. Tried the illy café upstairs (near Bay Swiss) and couldnt taste anything. I guess it was ‘cas my mouth and hand just got scalded. >

    I have since recovered over the week end ;D and would appreciate any suggestions. So far the only cup I’ve seen around the office is GJ’s and going on previous experience, I’m kinda hopping for something better.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. (I really don’t want to restrict my self to tea or that other funny brown powdery substance I’ve seen people mix into hot water before adding milk)


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    Re: Looking for good coffee

    Hi Boris,

    Why not see if you can strike it lucky in the two Polls currently underway here on CoffeeSnobs. You may be able to get at least a bag from of one them.

    Failing that, you can mail order green beans from Arabicas in small quantities, eg 1-2 Kg; The Coffee Company also sell green beans; likewise for Alan Frew at The although a bit expensive compared to others and not to forget Green Beans Australia. There are probably several others but these are the only ones that I have done business with.

    All the best,


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      Re: Looking for good coffee

      I am also fairly certain than quite a few of the members here will sell you some of their Stash as well Boris, I know Graeme had a selection for sale not so long back .... Graeme would most prob have some decent beans too, apart from that you could always ask Rich & Rae.



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        Re: Looking for good coffee


        if you are not too far away, try the cafe inside and round to the right (where it cant be seen from the footpath) at 2 Park Street. Interestingly, called 2 Park Cafe. They seem to know how to use an espresso machine properly.



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          Re: Looking for good coffee

          Ill tell you my suggestion. Buy a plunger, take some of your home roasted coffee to work. At least itll be consistent !


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            Re: Looking for good coffee

            Here here Poundy.

            Ive been using a plunger for about 10 years at work (err... 3 different works that is).

            About 12 months ago I bought a little domestic espresso machine (ummm... cheap and nasty) and a whirly grinder for work. It only took a couple of weeks of fresh coffee smells for the boss to upgrade the machine to a Krups and a conical burr grinder.

            The boss and a co-worker are now roasting coffee too and we always have some fresh beans on hand. I have converted the coffee drinkers here to drinking espresso and not spoiling it with "moo juice" ;D

            And that "funny brown powdery substance" hasnt been used for 12 months now. How do you tell if that stuff is stale?

            So my recommendation to you is... start doing "real" coffee at work and educate your coworkers.


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              Re: Looking for good coffee

              Thanks for the suggestions peoples.
              Ill give them a go and let you know how it pans out.

              Andy, "How do you tell if that stuff is stale" ... Easy. Its stale from the get go.

              "Moo juice" - an espresso for me is an experiance but a well done latte is an event ;D especially when entertaining
              a nice picture, a nice cascade. You know how it goes.

              all the best ppls,


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                Re: Looking for good coffee

                if only. my boss is not a coffee drinker. There are about 5 of us here @ work share the plunger. I considered bringing in my gaggia when I upgraded @home, but my sister had first dibbs. I have also considered buying an espresso machine from the cheaper end of the scale, which would suit our needs here (another gaggia would be perfect). But as Im the manager of a small team, and most of the above mentioned coffee drinkers are in my team, I *know* that more time would be spent around the coffee machine rather than working. Not a situation Id be happy with.

                The firm have large Franke SuperAutos, one per floor, with Santos beans. They were a godsend when we first got them, much better than the 2 hour old coffee in thermos flasks they used to have. But since then theyve gone downhill. No amount of tweaking on behalf of the vendor has been able to resurrect the one on our floor anyway. So I gave up on it a long time ago, hence the plunger.

                On the original post topic, Cafe Rosso, located on street level of Galeries Victoria on George St opposite QVB makes a decent coffee, and well worth the walk. I only get there occasionally due to being based at the Rocks end of George.