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Cup of Excellence - ouch.

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  • Cup of Excellence - ouch.

    Im still trying to source a CoE coffee but it is looking harder every day.

    The below is from one of our suppliers...

    As a rule Andy we do not bid on Cup of Excellence coffees unless we have a confirmed order from one of our Roasters; COE prices are generally overvalued against the true quality of the coffee & why should we buy a stock lot of coffee that could potentially sit in our Store for 12 months & may only have interest with 1% of the roasting community.
    Last night for instance the Colombian COE Auction was held & we placed bids on behalf of one of our roasters but the coffee ended up selling for 150% more than our bid price. In fact the top placed coffee sold at the equivalent of A$ 54 / kilo at origin by the time you cost the coffee through to Melbourne your potentially looking at a 90 dollar per kilo coffee

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    Re: Cup of Excellence - ouch.

    Heres some interesting notes on the Columbian COE:

    Personally the best Ive had from there so far has been the Mesa de los Santos. A very tastey bean and quite reasonably priced. The US distributor is selling it at $1.85US/lb for a single bag. The local roasters here are selling it out the door at $20US/lb. Just a *bit of a mark-up there.

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