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  • "Living Coffee" on Foxtel

    I have searched the messages and find no reference to this program.  Im assuming that those of you with pay TV have seen it - others may have seen tapes.  Hosted by (ex?) world barista champion Paul Bassett, it covers a lot of ground (no pun intended) and I guess, for me, the fact that he pulls extraordinary coffees from his Sunbeam machines is the reason for this post.  Ok..obviously hes sponsored etc. etc.  However.......this program would appear to support the theory that within reason, the actual machine (And Im not forgetting pride of ownership, aesthetics, longevity etc.) is less important than the grinder, beans and the barista.  Obviously they all need to work together to get great results - but Ive read posts where people seem almost sad to report that their "modest" machines can create great results.  Dont get me wrong - Im always hoping for a breakdown so I can upgrade - but it would seem that it is more than possible to enter coffee nirvana without the Silvia/Rocky minimum requirement. (And I know you all know that)
    My point is - Paul Bassett proves this with his Sunbeam - and I have seen no mention of the program or this fact here....Any ideas? Apart from his hair all over his face, hes a pretty impressive chap, dont you reckon?  Im not into the milk drink thing, but man..I could be converted.  

    Im actually eyeing off the stainless frothing jug I bought for my new orange juicer...

    For the record, Im the world champion in upgraditis and tech-head insanity.  I was briefly overtaken for a short time buy a guy who bought a second hand amp from a hi-fi- dealer, not remembering that he was the one who traded it in in the first place!! ;-)

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    Re: "Living Coffee" on Foxtel

    Bassett also blows up those Sunbeams by pushing them beyond what they are reasonably capable of in even the medium term. Youll also find he does use a reasonable grinder too.

    I noticed in the Coffee Crazy story he did that the extraction was a little fast which reflects the fact that it is difficult to use a fine grind in this level of machine without exceeding the capability of the pump.

    Lots of cars can do 160km an hour, but Id prefer to be in my Audi than a Festiva.


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      Re: "Living Coffee" on Foxtel

      For sure, Wired.
      Ill bet theres a technician standing by as well. The "Sunbeam" name is really only present in the credits as most of the filming is done from the side of the machine. I dont think he wants to be seen as endorsing them as such. I think the relationship is more with the program than with him, although he does advise them on technical aspects. I was in DJs yesterday looking at the array of shiny machines from all manner of home appliance manufacturers - and I then noticed a line-up of very cheap grinders (spice choppers) and wonderd about how many disappointed consumers there must be who go and buy these good looking machines, but arent prepared to go the extra yards with a grinder, thinking theyve spent up big by shelling out $59.99.
      The results can only be disappointing - How many sales assistants are going to say to the purchaser of a $2-399 espresso machine - "You do realise that you will need to spend at least a similar amount on a grinder in order for this thing to work properly" ;-( If you really want a laugh, have a look at the photos on some of the boxes which show a stream of weak, dirty light brown water coming out of the machine at a rate of about 1 litre every 30 seconds.

      But I digress - I just wonderd why this program had not been brought up in these forums. Its very instructive.


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        Re: "Living Coffee" on Foxtel

        I agree el espressio. I have been a fan of this show since they showed the 1st season last year.

        My favourite section of the show was the ongoing project to develop a coffee blend that went with the Octavious wine label. It was heartening to see a TV show that actually took coffee seriously, and explored its subject matter with the respect and depth that coffee deserves.

        For those of you who havent seen this show, give it a go, you wont regret it.



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          Re: "Living Coffee" on Foxtel

          Anyone know it it is available on DVD (errr... like Pauls last series was) for the people without F-tel?