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New Orleans Coffee and Donuts

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  • New Orleans Coffee and Donuts

    Has anyone here had new orleans style coffee and donuts or Cafe olait and beignets?

    here is a podcast of a guy talking about it..

    What does that taste like?
    The whole bit about " its all about the chickory, and you dont need any fancy barista skills, just pour 50 50 warm milk and coffee/chickory blend from gallon jugs, thats it!" is scary!

    isnt this stuff supposed to be an instituion? on the Cafe Du monde website they say the Chickory adds a chocolate note to the cofee

    What do you guys think? I would still like to try those beignets!


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    Re: New Orleans Coffee and Donuts

    Sorry Clare but I think the only reason its "an institutuoin" is because the cafe has been there so long, doing this stuff for so long.

    My honest opinion is that its rather disappointing....but the place is packed out often, which just goes to show...!



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      Re: New Orleans Coffee and Donuts

      My understanding of chickory is that it is added to orrible coffee to make it more palatable. ;D
      I have nothing against baked goods (or deep fried goods) though!


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        Re: New Orleans Coffee and Donuts

        Thanks Fresh_coffee
        I was expecting that was the answer, esp after hearing that guy :-X

        But you never know, you cant be biased all the time, or I would hate to miss out on some great experiences. I just though someone here might have tried it and been able to give a reasonable response from an educated palate. Oh well.

        thanks anyway


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          Re: New Orleans Coffee and Donuts


          when you are next in N.O. you simply have to go there & try it!  

          Of course this is why it gets so busy, because they are marketing to all and sundry, thats its an institution and that you simply have to try it!  

          After that, it depends on the individual but Im with Fatboy, I have nothing against deep fried goods, but would rather be seen down the local fish and chip shop with a newspaper full of golden crispy fried aussie chips with lots of salt on.

          Err...treading carefully here but...there is no decent (or even "real") coffee in the whole of the southern USA, let alone in New Orleans.

          I once roasted a few kilos of barley (another coffee subsitute probably stemming from times when coffee was particularly hard to get..such as during the 2 "great" wars of the last century) and of course as you would expect, it tasted nothing like make quite a pleasant brew (and actually I enjoyed simply eating it)! The thing about barley and chicory is not so much whether they make decent "coffee" or decent coffee "extenders" (as used in Europe at various times such as during hard times), some people simply brew them up & drink them...!  Now when you start adding "warm milk", sugars etc, thats when I have to bow right out. The flavour of these infused or brewed "coffee substitutes" does not in my honest opinion, lend itself to making "sweet milk coffee substitute brew". Not enough flavour ( for me) is carried through the milk.

          But then try it!

          Calling  spade a spade as always,

          PS have also at various times roasted almonds....simply devine.


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            Re: New Orleans Coffee and Donuts

            Hi FC

            If I am ever in N.O. I definately will, try it...

            I didnt actually take that guy seriously I just though it was really funny the way he spouted all that BS

            but anyway.... I think they are probably all so used to drinking their horrible brew that real coffe would taste to strong. I thought it was funny how they were proclaiming it to be soooo strong? whats up with that.

            Fatboy: they said it was because of the irregular supply that they initialy put chickory in their coffee


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              Re: New Orleans Coffee and Donuts

              As FC said Chicory and Barley were used as substitutes here in the US when coffee was in short supply. They werent added/used because they made the coffee taste better, they were used because there wasnt any coffee or they couldnt afford real coffee.

              Personally I thought the coffees Ive had with chicory and barley in them (I spent several years in the southern US while in the military) were pretty poor excuses for coffee.

              With that said however some people must enjoy the flavor as at least one of the major supermarket brands of coffee here in the US uses chicory to this day in their blend.

              Perhaps as tastes of their own they may be acceptable, but as a coffee? Ugh, NOPE! :P

              Java "100% REAL coffee only please!" phile
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