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Double Ristretto Techniques???

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  • Double Ristretto Techniques???

    Hey All!

    After watching Boris drink a double ristretto latte at BG&D, I have decided to venture into this combination myself.

    Now, using a double handle with a double basket, one can pour 2 ristretto(i,s?) into either 2 cups or one large one right?

    You can then either pour the 2 ristretti into a latte glass and top with milk.

    So does that mean one can use a double basket in a single handle and pour 30mls into a single latte glass?? :-/

    As silly as this sounds, I swear I am getting different tastes from the different methods ??? ??? ???




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    Re: Double Ristretto Techniques???

    James- Id suggest its best to avoid transferring shots between glasses wherever possible- you leave crema behind if you do.

    A double ristretto latte is simply a generic strong latte made to Aussie standards- ie approx 30ml from a double basket and then proceed as usual.

    Im not a huge rap on single spout portafilters nor baskets as the pour is not so great unless you up-spec your baskets. We use 12g baskets in our singles...In addition, the screen size is much smaller in most single baskets. This contributes to your perceived altered mouth-feel...

    Id suggest that you simply pop your latte glass under both spouts and take it from there...

    Hope this helps!



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      Re: Double Ristretto Techniques???

      Thanks Chris!

      Im glad there is a theory behind my different taste madness!

      Im also glad you mentioned the point about the single basket, when you are still learning, the pour rate is of upmost importance and it frustrates me everytime when I think I have it right, only to find by changing handles/baskets, the flow/grind/pour is all wrong again!!! >

      I really have to attend your course!

      Thanks again,



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        Re: Double Ristretto Techniques???

        See you in class soon, grasshopper ;D


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          Re: Double Ristretto Techniques???

          AJzCafe ,
          Mate, it sounds like your machine might be dodgy. Tell you what, because youre a good bloke, Ill go out of my way to help you. Ill bring over my Silvia which does fantastic double ristretto lattes, and Ill take your dodgy machine away, no questions asked. ;D

          If you cant get time to do the course during the week (I had to bludge a day off), with luck, a Saturday morning at the Coffee Academy may be available.

          As for the master coffee maker, should we be wearing Judo Gis and have coloured belts ??? I reckon mine would be white.