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Espresso on Sussex - Campos

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  • Espresso on Sussex - Campos

    In the lane way next to the new Westpac buiding. Just follow the campos coffee signs.
    Quickly ducked into this fairly new little coffee den for a double shot latte.
    i didnt have much time, but the place seemed quite good, running a couple of ECM 3 groups and also had a video cam on the main machine to watch the barista at work.
    Im gathering they just use Campos blend and are not associated with the newtown cafe in any othe way..??  but i could be wrong.

    Being only a 2 minute walk from my office, it is definately the best coffee ive had in the area  8-) along with a piccolo i grabbed at Mecca (which is a little too far for me)  

    Has anyone else tried  them out..?
    or have a better summary/review.?


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    Re: Espresso on Sussex - Campos

    I havent been there yet but Ill check it out next time i have a meeting in the city. Thanks for the heads up!


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      Re: Espresso on Sussex - Campos

      Hazchem: just quietly they have most of the signage on Kent street.. its just around the corner/down the stairs from "well being"