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    In 1998 I moved to Canberra from NZ and brought my trusty LaPavoni lever action (and an ole faithful Krupps Uno) with me to keep me company. Shortly after arriving I was introduced to a local coffee merchant and equipment retailer, Cosmorex, who furthered my coffee experience. Throughout those 3 years in Canberra I purchased, through Cosmorex, mucho coffee and ultimately upgraded my LaPavoni to a semi commercial Vibiemme Domobar machine. This whole experience was totally engendered by the verve and coffee-camaraderie (this was before sites such as this) provided by Cosmorex. Now, late in 2005 I found myself recently back in Canberra and primed to upgrade the trusty Vibiemme. Once again Cosmorex have opened there arms to a long lost CS and previous client and have provided me with an excellent welcome and superior service in my quest for a caffeinated upgrade. Sitting on my kitchen bench tonight is a Diadema single group machine resplendent in the company of a Mini Mazza grinder, all once again provided with excellent service by Cosmorex. The fact that such a committed and customer focused company is still providing great service to ACT is a testimony to their integrity, professionalism and choice of product baseline. To cap it all off, Cosmorex also roast coffee locally and I would have to say that after a 4 year starvation from their fine Club Blend I am glad to be back in the "fold".
    The prodigal son returns.............

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    Re: Recommended Retailer

    Hello Kiwi,

    have been absent from the site for a short period and have returned to find...this.

    Thankyou, the kind words are very much appreciated.

    Kind Regardz,