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Does Miss Silvia drink backwash???

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  • Does Miss Silvia drink backwash???

    Hi All

    Im just wondering whether its safe/advisable to backwash a Rancillio Silvia? The machine is not supplied with a blind filter, but Ive just bought one. Ive had conflicting reports so far. The store that sold me the filter said its fine and advisable. The store that sold me the rancillio said.. not to do it.

    Also... what is the correct/best way to back wash?

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Does Miss Silvia drink backwash???


    You are referring to a backflush. Check Basically I do it and I think its a good idea. You will find most people agree so long as you are careful about it.



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      Re: Does Miss Silvia drink backwash???

      Gday Jazzy,
      Is your machine still in the warrantly period?
      If not, it is safe and advisable to back-flush your machine regularly.
      If its under warranty, Id abide by the sellers instructions and not back-flush. If your machine breaks down in the warranty period and requires a trip back to the shop, and the tech finds evidence of back-flushing, it may void your warranty. This of course depends on the integrity of the person you bought it from. Strictly my view of course, call me over cautious if you like :-[.
      The bottom line is that its your machine and youve got to weigh up the risks.
      All the best.

      P.S. I own a Silvia and I didnt back-flush during the warranty period, however I back-flush regularly like a demon now  ;D.


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        Re: Does Miss Silvia drink backwash???

        But... but... what about the build up of coffee oil grottiness?
        Would breaking down the group area to scrub/clean the group void the warranty too?

        Wouldnt want to get an extended warrantee :P


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          Re: Does Miss Silvia drink backwash???

          Make sure you DONT follow the instructions on the cleaning powder- that is for commercial machines. I put a little spoon full in the blind filer- add some water and then connect it up. turn on and off immediately! Dont wait the full 5 seconds. > You should notice the bubbles coming through the release valve at the rear of the tray.. Now leave it for 10 minutes or so to do its work on the inside. :
          Repeat a few times- but always only a second or two otherwise- apparently - it can put too much pressure on the pump which isnt designed for that sort of work out.
          Flush with fresh water. Chuck out the first espresso. Then youre done!