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  • Group Hug!

    Hey Everyone!

    I just wanted to say... this board is an awesome resource for Aussie coffee lovers. Everyone here is extremely friendly and patient - even when annoying beginners like me ask questions that have been answered a hundred times!

    With the advice, articles and reviews from this site, I am now consistently producing great (textbook) espresso shots and frothing smooth shiny silky milk with my Silvia. If I can just free pour my own latte art, then I will be in coffee heaven!

    In short... my technique has improved out of sight and this is FAR MORE than I achieved from a so-called "coffee course" that I did here in Melb.

    I am now looking into home roasting and, with the reviews on here, have been able to choose the roaster that I think would suit me best.

    Thanks to everyone and keep up the good work!

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    Re: Group Hug!


    I too was immediately welcomed into the fold.

    Im extremely happy with the help I got from the site sponsor in choosing my equipment and subsequent interest in how Im going.

    I too need to get that latte art thing happening.
    I only looked again yesterday, at the video that came with all the stuff I bought from Chris at Talk Coffee, and spotted a little something that has sent me back a few steps.
    Now to correct my process and move forward again.

    Its comforting to know there are a lot of friendly, helpful people here to fall back on should a problem or question arise.


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      Re: Group Hug!

      Same for me- Id visited coffeegeeks to ask questions and been flooded with nasties from keyboard kommandos because I used the word bitter outside of the context of hot/cold extraction.
      Here is far friendlier, and its great to hear people admitting its not the gear but technique that is central.
      My son says he finds smaller sites more friendly- he says he lurks on larger sites and doesnt respond because of the arrogance of many members.
      Not so here!


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        Re: Group Hug!

        Hi all! This is my first post ever on a web message board. It has taken me a while to work out what to do.
        I agree with your sentiments.
        I have been using Imat Junior for many years (its my third). However, I have just bought new Giotto, and am going backwards (because I only have an old Spong grinder, I guess).
        Its wonderful to be able to read all your views and tips.


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          Re: Group Hug!

          Another beginner here who has rediscovered their Sylvia and Rocky, and with spending many late nights searching through past threads I find my technique has improved.

          I have also been inspired to start doing some roasting, which is a lot of fun.
          Thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge.


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            Re: Group Hug!

            ::cuddles up::

            Good on you guys! It can be a bit of a daunting thing, this Intarweb! Its great to see some of you take the first steps into forums as I think this is what helps keep things moving along, even when weve probably answered the same questions over and over! And after all, we were all beginners and newbies at this once! Regardless of whether it was coffee or computer related!

            I think from a personal viewpoint, that I would have never met some of the great people I have met over internet forums, so I think I do have the internet to thank a lot for. Sure we have some great friends in our town but not all of them share my passion for coffee, food, movies and all things mechanical!


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              Re: Group Hug!

              Agree totally with the sentiments expressed above.....

              For me this forum is non-stop learning experience as all the members who actively contribute to the content have developed the site into an ever growing reference for all us coffee nuts/snobs. If anyone ever asks me about coffee and why I am so passionate about it, I just give em a cup of my favourite brew to try and then steer em to this great site,



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                Re: Group Hug!

                I reckon its better than Wiki!

                There are so many snobs with such diverse backgrounds, you are assured of an informed response to even the most obscure questions.

                The best thing about it is, we all get something out of it, beans, info and tech advice.

                Hats/pants off to Andy and the team!