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  • Bean Ground & drunk

    Im not normally and straight espresso drinker but I’m trying to dial in my new and PID’d Silvia at the moment and tasted 50 or so in the last week without any real idea of what it’s meant to taste like. So I thought I really should find out what a "GOOD" espresso shot is meant to taste like. Im not far from northcote so I went over with my GF for lunch on satdy and Bean Ground & drunk and recommended by a few members here.

    I orded a straight espresso shot and a top looking chicken focaccia. Im pleased to say that the coffee was excellent (think i might be heading towards becoming an espresso drinker) as was the focaccia and the staff where friendly to me and my "I just was an espresso to see what is taste like, but I’ll have a latte to drink" request. I was a little worried about the response I was going to get.

    And best of all I think I have my Silvia PID dialed at 109.5C, Measured the pressure 9.5 Bar with no mod as discussed here and the coffee taste great and is repeatable.

    Thanks Matt

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    Re: Bean Ground & drunk

    Hey Matt- thanks for the feedback!

    Were doing the best we can  ....look for quite a few changes to food offer and the way the place looks in the next few weeks- were busy "funking it up". Were thinking of a cheap and cheerful- grab a beer or a bottle o cleanskin, a few gasses, a few mates and well make you a platter of munchies- bg&d bar which will trade a couple of nights per week also....

    As always, Im trying to lift the bar, coffeewise  8-)



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      Re: Bean Ground & drunk

      When is the Canberra branch opening? ;D

      Lord knows we need it.....