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From a Finnish Chap I met on another Forum

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  • From a Finnish Chap I met on another Forum

    I asked the Question as I had heard that Finland Buys the Best Coffee.
    Oh BTW Christian is a Philosophy Professor..

    Ah yes coffee... :-) We are amongst the top in coffee consumption per capita. I cant say if we drink the best, but it sure helps negotiations if you buy a lot, I presume. As compared to Sweden we prefer our coffee more bitter.

    Funny statistics:
    1. Finlands consumes the most coffee per capita
    2. A long time US study on the effects of life style on health (from 1960 onwards) finds that coffee drinking correlates negatively with suicide, i.e. coffee drinkers are statistically less prone to commit suicide than non-drinkers.
    3. Finland tops statistics in suicide also...

    The conclusion of this, as heard on Finnish radio, is that life in Finland sucks so much that without coffee there wouldnt be anyone left.... LOL

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    Re: From a Finnish Chap I met on another Forum

    Actually, life in Finland sucks most during the winter months. The days are so short, if youd call them days at all, and lack of daylight leads to increased cases of depression. Just imagine how depressed youd be going from a place thats nice and sunny (oz), to one that rains all the time (uk), and see if you dont need something to get you through the rough patches (i.e. coffee, grog, your choice).