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  • coffee machine reviews

    There are many excellent reviews of various coffee machines on the web. Generally, they are also easy to navigate on sites like coffeegeek.

    That got me thinking -- I think this Coffeesnobs site could do with a dedicated section on reviews -- without having to search through archives.

    They could be written both by sponsors who have the technical knowledge of them, and consumers familiar with their everyday vagaries.

    What do we think about that?


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    Re: coffee machine reviews

    Sounds good to me, though I think it will difficult to stick to reviews only. I can see, using the same crystal ball I use for my day job, that the folder will become full of what I like about my blah blah. Not necessarily a bad thing I guess. See my medication is working, Im in my happy place.....



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      Re: coffee machine reviews

      I like the idea of a dedicated review area. Unfortunately the forum format we have does not readily lend itself to doing this as they turn into discussions rather than staying a simple review.

      To preserve the review aspect and prevent it from turning into a discussion I think wed need to come up with a standard review form that people can fill out which is then posted as a locked thread preventing any further posting to it.

      One of the problems with doing this with the current software is that Yabb doesnt allow nesting of forums. So we would have a Review forum in which every review is posted as a seperate thread. Leading to a very disorganized format as reviews would not be grouped in any kind of order other than being listed in the reverse order they were posted.

      Alternatively we could assign each product its own thread leaving the thread unlocked so all the reviews of a specific machine would be in the same thread. Unfortunately this then leaves them open to becoming a discussion rather than a review thread.

      Andy, is there any way to make up a form that when someone goes to post in the Review section they would get that form and have to adhere to its format?

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