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  • Barista hourly Rate

    Hi all,

    Whats the going hourly rate for a barista these days.

    I need to hire one and would like to pay the barista the proper hourly rate.



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    Re: Barista hourly Rate

    Hi there! I cant answer your question exactly but I thought Id try and help you find it out.

    If you go to you might be able to track down the award for it there.

    Otherwise my suggestion would be to go straight to the source and contact someone from the AASCA -

    Im only replying as I see youve had 30 odd views but no replies! Hopefully someone else will come along and help out too!


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      Re: Barista hourly Rate

      The going and correct adult rate for a cafe worker is $17.30 ish...however we hear stories of competion standard baristi on $35 in Melb and $50 in Sydney- though its entirely possible that both those figures are just an urban myth



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        Re: Barista hourly Rate

        The first question is what kind of outlet do you have? Sit in restaurant or take-away/coffee cart?

        If a sit in restaurant you should be paying under the Hospitality award. If it is primarily a take away it should be the Shop Employees award.

        Under the Hospitality award a barista is Grade 3, a waiter grade 2 and a Dish pig is grade 1.

        Under the shop employees award there is no distinction.

        Hospitality (link)

        Shop Employees(link)

        This is only applicable if you are in NSW


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          Re: Barista hourly Rate

          My opinion is to take the award and then consider to yourself the kind of outlet you want to be.

          Remember if you pay peanuts, you get monkies ;-)


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            Re: Barista hourly Rate

            From a colleague who has a friend who used to own a fairly successful coffee bar in Sydney:

            Pay your staff >$5/hr above the award - youll get staff who take more pride in their work and are more concerned about the coffee theyre brewing. You might have to charge 10c more per coffee, but youll get more business.