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    Is a really good bloke so this is a post to say thanks very much! Im about to head out and roast some of the green beans that JavaB bought for me on the Bean bay and then delivered to me at Epic this morning. It is much appreciated!


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    Re: JavaB. . .

    Hey grendel,

    Only to happy to do it for you... The look on your face as you checked your new aquisitions with glee was more than enough thanks ....

    After all, Id hope thats what we are all here for - to help each other out with our chosen persuit - whether its advice, sharing tips and techniques or purchasing beans....

    This is a great site, well supported by the sponsors and the site admin and with a great bunch of members..

    Hope to hear how the beans cup in a couple of days (Ive still got a day or twos worth of roasted beans before I start on the latest purchase) .


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      Re: JavaB. . .

      I roasted some of the peaberry to start with - now I have to be very patient for the next 48 hours. . .