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Thank you Attilio / Cosmorex Coffee

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  • Thank you Attilio / Cosmorex Coffee

    Ive just gotten back from buying my new Silvia from Cosmorex Coffee.  I cant recommend Attilio highly enough - his communication has been great, Im very happy with the deal, and the service was extraordinary.  Attilio spent a lot of time with me making sure I was comfortable using the machine.  I was expecting to take a long time to figure the Silvia out, with its reputation for being "fiddly", but Attilio explained it so clearly that Ive made two drinkable coffees in its first half hour here.  Anyone who is looking for a new machine would do well to deal with Cosmorex Coffee

    Id like to thank Chris at Talk Coffee as well - I also spoke to him about the Silvia, but when he found out I could get to Cosmorex Coffee in Canberra, his advice was to buy from Attilio and get the training.

    Its taken a long time, but I finally feel like a genuine CoffeeSnob

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    Re: Thank you Attilio / Cosmorex Coffee

    Ah, theres nothing like being a genuine coffee snob, Viviane! Welcome to the world of Silvia ownership too.

    I agree with your sentiments about Cosmorex and Attilio! Ive had recent dealings with him as well and the communication and products he sent me were top notch. We purchased some of the Alchemey syrups off him and the customers are impressed with the great flavours. I like them as theyre not as sugary and sweet as others, even though I dont drink them! Its easier to tell a coffee drinker that the syrup will not oversweeten their drink, especially if they are not a sweet tooth! My personal fave is the Sinful syrup, with cinnamon and hazelnut.

    So, yeah, good on you Attilio! Youve got two fans at least! :-*


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      Re: Thank you Attilio / Cosmorex Coffee

      Congrats on the new machine Viviane- Am glad to hear that all went well and that youre happy with your purchase...

      For those in or passing through Canberra, good things happen at Cosmorex.

      Make it a stopping point- Youll be glad that you did!



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        Re: Thank you Attilio / Cosmorex Coffee

        Many many thanks for your kind words, Viviane, Scoota & Chris!

        Blushing this morning,