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    Has anyone done a formal evaluation of a cafe?

    Im off to Epic when they open on friday and I have prepared some criteria that I would consider ok - my main focus is on the beverage  - good service is nice, as is good environment but I see both as in some way distinct from the preperation of the coffee (e.g. the local Gloria Jeans has comfy seats and very pleasant owners, good staff etc. but their coffee will never rise above the middle ground they have established for themselves).

    I have posted the form below for comment:

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    Re: Evaluations


    If you add all the 5s up it still doesnt equal 100, or is it not ment too


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      Re: Evaluations

      Howsabout mouthfeel as a component? Nothing I hate more than watery coffee. Corey is of the flavour > crema persistence school, so it will be interesting to see what yall make of that ... especially seeing as you will be drinking the espresso very soon after it has come out of the spout, right? None of this sit and talk for six minutes BS. Also, it would be nice to see some criteria for the milk drinks. The stock synesso tip is very different from the LMs that they had at Core. You need to run the boiler at 1.4 bar + to get great steam out of it, so it will be interesting to see if theyve gotten the hang of it (evil grin). I still havent (drops head in shame).

      The other thing that you could do is to download the WBC scoresheets and judging manuals, if you want. In fact, Id pay good money to see a group of people walk into a random espresso bar, order 4 espressi and 4 cappuccini, then hand over completed judging scoresheets ;P




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        Re: Evaluations

        All good and relevant- but remember that its early days for Corey....

        There are always unexpected issues and headaches that crop up in the first few weeks of a new place and these can be a distraction...Also it takes time to learn a new its not perfect, dont forget to cut them a little slack... It takes a while to dial a business in- just like dialling in a machine...



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          Re: Evaluations

          Ill be making all the new place allowances and it is more of an experiential exercise (this time). Luca, youll be happy to know that not only have I made similar sheets for the milk based drinks but also for the teas hot chocolates and any specialty drinks they might have.

          Mouthfeel was one I had in the beginning but want to use that as a criteria for me only so I left it off the sheet. The rest of the team are coffee lovers (or tea lovers) and asked not to be stretched too far this time - it is a learning experience for all of us.

          It is always hard to attempt to use quantitative criteria for a subjective and essentially qualitative experience - Im going to make some big calls on the day that will be quite open to challenge (and Id encourage that vigorously.