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Merry Christmas to all...And Happy New Year!

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  • Merry Christmas to all...And Happy New Year!

    Well, for some of us here, tomorrow is a day of celebration of the birth of Christ. For others its a day for giving and being with family as well.

    So, Id just like to wish you all the best for the silly season, as weve fondly come to call it! Where ever you are and whatever you are doing, have a good and safe one, dont drink to excess (unless its coffee of course!) and try to be kind to your mothers! (Because its usually the mothers who are the ones who work hard for Christmas day!)

    And well see you all hopefully on the other side!

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    Re: Merry Christmas to all...

    Thanks for the greeting scoota gal, good opportunity for me to reciprocate & also let you know that I, like a lot of the other CSers, will be thinking about you this Christmas.

    I hope you are able to have some times of reflection that are filled with beautiful memories.


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      Re: Merry Christmas to all...

      merry christmas scoota gal and all coffee snobs enjoy it with family and friends bless you all cheers steven poddy66


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        Re: Merry Christmas to all...

        Merry christmas everybody, keep safe and enjoy the day.

        Scoota - I will thinking of you and your family at this time. I hope you can get some pleasure out of the day,


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          Re: Merry Christmas to all...

          And also to everyone from Talk Coffee....

          Have a lovely, relaxing day and if you can, a restful break...

          Scoots, have a glass of your favourite on me....



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            Re: Merry Christmas to all...

            Yes, a very felicitous, festive christmas wish to everyone.

            Ill be working, but looking forward to going home to the Christmas dinner (at night) we host.

            Its my busiest home-barista session of the year, testing Silvia to the limit, with espressos and lattes for our legion of guests.

            The one...(or two!) days of the year I wish Santa had brought me a HX machine.

            Happy Christmas from Robusto


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              Re: Merry Christmas to all...

              And from me too ...

              Merry Christmas to all, hope it is a time that everyone has been wishing for and of course, a Very Happy, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous New Year to everyone for 2007. And a very special Christmas Greeting to Scoots and Family, we are all with you,

              Cheers everyone,


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                Re: Merry Christmas to all...

                ...twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...

                Finally got the kids into bed (7, 5, 2yo) who are all excided like kids should be tonight.

                The have left their notes to Santa, some chocolate chip biscuits, a carrot and a glass of juice. Eariler they spread the reindeer food on the front lawn (well stage 4 water restrictions lawn!).

                For those that dont know, reindeer food is a mixture of oats with glitter in it so that the reindeer can find it at night. The kids make little jars of it and spread it over the front yard each Christmas eve and it is always gone in the morning (yes, they do check) so the reindeer must love it!

                Have a great Christmas CSrs, share some love, some magic, some passion for life, its all good for the soul.


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                  Re: Merry Christmas to all...

                  Merry Christmas All - my your cups runneth over with espressos of joy.


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                    Re: Merry Christmas to all...


                    Hope all the CS gang had a relaxed day yesterday, or some time for peace and reflection if you are not inclined toward Christmas festivities.

                    I have to report back on a tres bizarre gift one of my friends ferreted out for me - a espresso machine xmas tree decoration!!! I can only imagine there is a coffee snob somewhere in a large plastics factory in China thinking of me and my decorative needs!!! ;D It looks a little like a Kitchen Aid machine (OK - I didnt say discerning factory working coffee snob!!) with two petit espresso on the tray. Nary a holly motif in sight!!!

                    It will be pride of.....somewhere!!!

                    Andy - so enlightened by your reindeer food recipe, and all these years ive been calling it disco porridge!!! ;D 8-)



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                      Re: Merry Christmas to all...And Happy New Year!

                      Hope you all have a great night out!

                      Were heading out to a friends place where we will watch their annual Ride On Lawn Mower Grand Prix. Should be good for a bit of a laugh. They have races and a Lawn Mower Tractor Pull as well!

                      See ya all next year!