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tis a lovely Perth summer night for roasting!

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  • tis a lovely Perth summer night for roasting!

    Well you dont get rain in February too often, so this mild weather should prove very good for the first test of my modded popper accompanied with fan to be sure as the Irish say

    I will be a friend in need if I dont soon, being very generous with the first home roast offerings of free coffee on the Presso at work, I have to monitor my dwindling rations until tonights new roast settles.

    I might pop some popcorn first as a snack while watching the coffee roast

    A non-coffee guy here gave me the idea of roasting sunflower seeds since the roasted coffee smell reminded him of that. Another nice snack for watching the coffee roast... now I just thought of roasting my own peanuts! Yummy! Hot roasted nuts fresh!

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    Re: tis a lovely Perth summer night for roasting!

    The way poppers churn through the beans you shouldnt have much time to snack!!!

    But then, Im one of those uni-skilled males who cant do two things at once in the kitchen.

    Hope it went well.
    And, er, send some of that rain our way back east. We keep getting promised it by the weather bureau, but Ive yet to see it.



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      Re: tis a lovely Perth summer night for roasting!

      very weird result - I ended up with shorter times despite the more direct fan, cool air etc.

      I think the soup can I used as the extension to keep the beans inside and not bouncing out is cancelling out the cooling effect of removing the lid.

      I will try to find some mesh like used in my cooling sieve, and try to replicate the soup can, but the better cooling of mesh to give back the longer time.