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  • To pod or not to pod...

    Im here in Auckland on a business trip and this a.m., I tried the coffee shop on the hotel which serve Illy. Ive known the taste of Illy from my Breville days so when they served my macchiato, I tasted it and to me it was flat. Not to sour and not bitter. Just in the middle without that chocolatey taste Ive accustomed to from Alans blends. So I let it go still contemplating why it tastes somehow different.

    When I arrived this afternoon at the hotel, I went to the bar and watched the barman pull the shot so I was expecting the grind/tamp/shot routine but it did not happen. Then, lo and behold, I saw PODs for the first time on a group-2 consumer machine. No more grinding, no more tamping, just pull the shot routine. I felt a bit cheated.

    So that explains the taste.

    Now my question: Is anybody in this forum, using PODS on their Silvia or any machine (e.g., Francis Francis). How much difference in taste do you get?

    Why turn to pods if youre a coffeesnob?

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    Re: To pod or not to pod...


    No.... no PODS for this CoffeeSnob!!! :P :P

    The coffee in them just isnt that fresh - and it cant be....

    They are expensive to buy, the flavour isnt as good....... and it just doesnt seem right either.......


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      Re: To pod or not to pod...

      did you order a decaf? Ive heard (but im not sure) that illy dont sell unground decaf. but yea not a nice offee at all.


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        Re: To pod or not to pod...

        You guys maybe be "misled" with my sign-on name but I like my coffee "really" strong. No decaf for me.

        Dcaffeine8d is "pun" intended. :P