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  • AArg tell me its not so..

    Coffee no boost in the morning
    That morning latte or expresso may not be the pick-me-up people think it is, a study has revealed.

    University of Bristol researchers say the caffeine eases withdrawal symptoms which build up overnight, but does not make people more alert than normal.

    The work, presented to the British Nutrition Foundation conference only people who have avoided coffee for a while will get a buzz from caffeine.

    But the British Coffee Association said regular drinkers did feel more alert.

    All that first cup of coffee does is get you back to normal levels of alertness
    Professor Peter Rogers, Bristol University

    Those who swear by their morning caffeine fix say it wakes them up, and if they missed out they would feel sluggish and unable to get on with their day.

    But the Bristol researchers, who carried out a review of previous studies into the effects of caffeine, say all the drink does is counteract the mild caffeine withdrawal symptoms people are experiencing because they have gone without the stimulant overnight.

    And they found that those who drank a caffeinated drink first thing were no more alert than those who never consumed one.

    Back to normal

    Professor Peter Rogers, a biological psychology who led the research, said: "People who drink tea or coffee feel that it makes them alert.

    "Thats why many of us use it - because it gets us going.

    "But research suggests that with regular consumption of coffee, you become dependent on it.

    "Caffeine is eliminated from your body overnight and first thing in the morning you are in the early stages of withdrawal.

    "All that first cup of coffee does is get you back to normal levels of alertness."

    Professor Rogers warned that people with high blood pressure should steer clear of caffeinated drinks, but that there were other things that could be done to improve health more - such as giving up smoking.

    He said caffeine did have some benefits, such as preventing cognitive decline in the elderly.

    Zoe Wheeldon, of the British Coffee Association, said the research was interesting.

    But she added: "There are two sides to the debate and a wealth of scientific evidence suggests that moderate coffee consumption of four to five cups per day is perfectly safe for the general population and does have a beneficial effect on alertness and performance even in regular coffee drinkers."

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    Re: AArg tell me its not so..

    Very interesting read.

    I seem to remember a similar study that was done about 20yrs ago, I wonder if they were just rehashing old data....


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      Re: AArg tell me its not so..

      Yes, I have read this a couple of years ago.

      I also wonder if the point is to compare regular coffee drinkers to non-drinkers, or would it be more relevant to compare regular drinkers before and after their fix? If drinking coffee/tea in the morning gets them (us!) back to normal levels of alertness, then this implies we are at below normal levels of alertness when we wake up. So it is not wrong to say that coffee improves alertness *for regular coffee drinkers*, but not compared to non-drinkers. However, non-drinkers would presumably have increased alertness if they were to drink a caffeinated beverage occasionally.


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        Re: AArg tell me its not so..

        British coffee drinkers?

        Hmmm... not a very reliable source.


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          Re: AArg tell me its not so..

          Even so, the placebo effect could be at work.. ?


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            Re: AArg tell me its not so..

            All I know is that I am not the most pleasant person to be around until I have had my daily drug.


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              Re: AArg tell me its not so..

              God, all I know is if I dont get my coffee hit shortly after waking up I just (barely) operate on Auto-pilot until the coffee gets a few synapses firing properly. No coffee.... No function :P