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Any more blends likely to appear?

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  • Any more blends likely to appear?


    Just wondering if any more commercial type blends are likely to pop up this year.

    Ive been very impressed with the ones Ive grabbed in the past.
    Mocha Java
    Mountain Mist
    SWP espresso blend.

    I know that Red Sea, and another decaf were recently polled, but one was a bit pricey and the other seemed to have no caffeinne :P


    Will he read it, Will he read it, Will he read it, Will he read it, Will he read it ????

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    Re: Any more blends likely to appear?

    Yeah I read it.  The real question should have been "will he respond?"

    I agree, the Mountain Mist and the Altitude were awesome blends.  I know at home the mist kept hitting the grinder until it was all gone :-(

    I look forward to our annual visit from the Red Sea too and think most of the high price comes from the fact that its a US company (Royal Coffee) that blends it at origin.

    Short answer is YES...  I have enjoyed the pre-blends that we have sourced so far and look forward to any more good ones that I can scrounge a sample of.

    Punchline is... if its good, we will get it.


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      Re: Any more blends likely to appear?


      We basically blitzed through our 5kg of Mocha Java in under 3 months (about 7 roasts).
      We are down to 1 roast left for Mountain Mist and thats only because Tiger Mountain got in the way.
      Down to about 3 roasts to go for Altitude (did some again on Sunday and is resting right now).

      Love dem beans!

      Also got another hair-brained idea to run past you, but Ill do that via e-mail.