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“Roughing it in the great outdoors”

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  • “Roughing it in the great outdoors”

    Having returned from a Bivouac with 8 other staff and 20 or so youngsters, I thought I would give you a little laugh.

    We were to leave at 14:00hrs and were to get there by a 4WD convoy. I was contacted about 2 hours before leaving and advised that there would be power available!!!!!!

    Power I thought……………….. Lighting…. Good
    Bug Zapper….. take it or leave it
    Coffee Machine ………. This was a must have.
    I went to our Pantry and packed up our old Saeco Royal Professional that we haven’t used for nearly 6-8 months and into a box it went and then I roasted some Sumatran, Yemen and Peruvian beans all in total it was about 500g.

    We arrived and set up camp and within 10 minutes the Café was set up.

    A staff area had been set up but I wanted to keep the Saeco close by so I set my Kitchen from our Camper and placed the Saeco on it, we then set up a few chairs and a couple of Tables and as you can guess we instantly had an outdoor Café.

    With a refrigerator running we had 6 liters of milk and some biscuits and some nice little cups…..

    Within 30 minutes of setting up we had all of the staff sitting down waiting for and drinking coffee in many different styles around our little café. Three days later we have gone through my 500g of beans and depleted a tin of Illy coffee beans…..

    Some of the staff from this weekend learnt that coffee isn’t best as an instant but better fresh from a bean and I am certain that a few will be returning home and re-evaluating their future coffee purchases.

    Another bivouac has been planned for early next year and the Saeco has been requested to attend……..

    We have captioned our Bivouac as “Roughing it in the great outdoors”

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    Re: “Roughing it in the great outdoors”


    Silvia and Rocky are going with us on our Christmas trip too. ;D