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  • coffee of course

    Anyway my ego kept saying your coffee is great mate ....better then dont need any help.

    My pallet was telling me get rid of Grinders average beans(first blame the beans then the machine )
    Im ok

    My head said "you are such a tosser why dont you get help and become consistent".
    So like most men I listened to my head and found you pack of snobs !

    Andy got some brown bay to me, and I knew straight away it was the beans that I had been not me :-?

    Then i said to self........self why not get someone that makes coffee and teaches the art to come and show you how it really should be done not the way you did it 12 yrs ago in your cafe.....surely i do not need help!

    Enter 2mcm, Chris, calm, cool, collected, eloquent, .............................

    Now i see there is another way a better way ........................bloody idiot, coffee is sooooooooooooooo much better i even like it myself, another decade of practice and training and it may even be fantasmagorical.

    heres to training and listening to your head.

    Thank you Coffee Snobs for your great threads, dedication to the bean, and equipment reviews and ideas, mostly for directing me forward with great advice and patient nudging.

    Up dates whether you want them or not will be forthcoming!!!!!!!!!!


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    Re: coffee of course

    Good on you CC! Happy coffee days indeed!