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Visiting coffee plantations overseas etc

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  • Visiting coffee plantations overseas etc


    I thought Id start a thread on any ones coffee travels overseas?

    The main thing I wanted to ask around is, are there any plantations IN (not in near-by countries) malaysia that anyone knows of?? My father is in Penang at the moment and if theres anything decent over there I might ask him to try and get a hold of some greens and post them over.

    Does customs do anything freaky if I wanted to have someone post me green beans from overseas? Do they even let the greens come through normal postage processes? I just thought they might be suss on it since its an organic seed etc..

    Anyway let me know what yas reckon.

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    Re: Visiting coffee plantations overseas etc

    Just found this on the web regarding the importing of Green Coffee Beans.  Did not go thorugh it completely as it looks like it wouild put me to sleep reading it but it may contain the information you are seeking. &WhichQuery=Go+to+full+text&intCommodityId=896&int NodeId=8123151&intSearch=1


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      Re: Visiting coffee plantations overseas etc

      hi rolley,

      i grew up in malaysia (coincedentally in the state of Penang). i havent heard of any coffee plantations there though. i may be wrong. if there were possible plantations, i would think it would be in higher altitudes like genting near kuala lumpur, cameroon highlands or east malaysia (north borneo).

      i read somewhere also that there are some plantations near existing rubber plantations but dont grow arabica, but rather liberica plants. the quality coffee isnt big in malaysia (yet), though i suspect they will catch up in the future seeing as big US coffee shops have been introduced serving espresso and other brewed coffee...


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        Re: Visiting coffee plantations overseas etc

        Ah cool thanks for that, well Ive learnt something - you cant post in any green beans ..unless you might be willing for them to "treat" them and pay extra for release.

        Only commercial importers can bring greens in, and only with permits etc.

        Ah well.. Twas a good idea!

        So has anyone done any interesting coffee stuff overseas? I saw on get away in Thailand you can just stop in at a plantation and help pick beans etc... heh.. it was interesting..