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  • Frustrating Story

    After all of the wonderful advice everyone has given me here at CoffeeSnobs, I still cant raise a decent froth   . But, my hubby, who has literally never made a cup of coffee in his life, instant or expresso, asked if he could have a go !!!!
    He made two cups and here am I standing behind him telling him, its not easy, dont be disappointed if it flops. WELL !!! They turned out nearly perfect !!!  .
    My question is.... DO MEN HAVE A KNACK FOR THIS? OR WHAT?

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    Re: Frustrating Story

    Damn Im sorry to hear that! Alas I cant give much advice, you know, you get used to a specific machine and it takes time.. then you hop on someone elses and you totally stuff it up! (well thats me anyway!).. so yeah, I put it down as "ya win some ya loose some"..
    Has your hubby been secretly watching videos, reading magazines and websites and mastering his techniques without you knowing!!! ohhhh i suspect a CONSPIRACY!!!
    Ahduno, maybe its true though, maybe some people are just naturally .. natural at things like this?


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      Re: Frustrating Story

      Oh no dont let man or machine beat you

      You will conquer the machine



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        Re: Frustrating Story

        Originally posted by dippy1 link=1183454605/0#0 date=1183454604


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          Re: Frustrating Story

          Funny... I would have thought if there was any innate ability that guys would have a knack for 80s style cupofchino froth... hold the jug in your hand & then up & down, up & down for about 30 seconds.

          *shrugs* Personally I find the swirling milk kind of hypnotic.


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            Re: Frustrating Story

            No Sueb, I wont let iether beat me, lol. Needless to say, once he had picked himself up off the floor, (just joking), we both enjoyed the coffee.
            Now all I have to do is practise in secret and get better than him.


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              Re: Frustrating Story


              When RH and I get together for our weekly CS session, he kept claiming that my steamed milk was better than he could manage, both using our respective Silvias, until very recently, that is.
              But last year when we were down south for the home barista course, and we visited Island Espresso, we were each given a jug of milk to froth on the LM....
              guess who did the best....
              not me

              So yeah there doesnt seem to be much sense to how and why it works out.
              However with your machine at home it is only a matter of practice,
              and he might have been lucky that time, or maybe he just has the knack,
              but can he pull a terrific espresso as well?

              And if its taking too long, depending on where you live,
              a home barista course might benefit you...
              Its also a great day of fellowship with some others who are like minded.



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                Re: Frustrating Story

                Bullitt you are probably right, he has to have fluked it!!! I am booked in for the sunbeam appreciation class next month and if all goes well I am going to do a further course up here in Brissie. I believe there is one at West End. Till then I will just have to persevere with my practice (and not let hubby anywhere near the machine).

                Cheers Lynn.


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                  Re: Frustrating Story

                  Why wont you let your husband near the machine?


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                    Re: Frustrating Story

                    Hi Lynn

                    If you havent already done so, try this...

                    Use a 300ml jug (I keep jugs in the fridge) and fill it to just under a centimetre from the base of the spout (this is a guestimate as it depends on the make of jug you have.

                    Point the spout of the jug toward the steam wand and insert the wand at about a 60 degree angle so that the hole in the tip is barely under the surface of the milk.

                    Then GRADUALLY open the steam valve - it doesnt have to be opened fully, just so that it starts to swirl the milk. If you have the tip inserted at the right depth, you will notice that air is being sucked down into the milk at the very front of the wand.

                    Keep the jug steady - there really shouldnt be much need to move it up or down apart from when you have enough foam in the jug (about 25% more volume than what you started with would be a good starting point). At that point you can immerse the wand deeper into the jug (at the same angle) to finish off heating the milk whilst not creating further foam.

                    Hope that helps and look forward to hearing how it goes!


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                      Re: Frustrating Story

                      Wushoes, I was only joking. He can play with my machine whenever he wants. Honest.
                      Dennis, thank you, I will try that way. Ozscott gave me a few tips so I have a few things to try. It was just so funnily frustrating that Terry got it first go. Oh well, thats the way the cookie crumbles. Or should I say, thats the way the coffee perks!!!!

                      Thanks Lynn.