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Where do I find a coffee van for an event?

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  • Where do I find a coffee van for an event?

    Hello everyone and please excuse if this post is inappropriate for this forum. Im one of the organisers of the speedboat race held at the St George Motoboat Club in Sans Souci - Sydney. I want to find out if its possible to get a coffee van guy or girl to come down with their van and serve up some decent coffee during the event.
    We usually cater with instant coffee but this year we want somthing more.

    Any advise would be handy but in particular i want to know,
    1) where do i find these people who serve up this nectar of the gods?
    2) the typical financial arrangements for offering this location to a van operator.
    About the race..
    The race is for 2 days - sat+sun. The racers are there from around 7.30am and race till about 3. We attract a lot of spectators.

    Thanks Steve

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    Re: Where do I find a coffee van for an event?

    Hey mate, best bet is ringing up one of the big franchise operators in sydney, all you need to do is google coffee van franchise and will it bring up a list. Usually you can arrange for them to pay back 10% of their gross earnings to you as a thank you. All should be self contained and the only thing you should need to provide is the spot. Good luck.