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  • barista docu

    youtube goodness strikes again. this is a 10min clip thats part of a documentary-in-the-making called "Barista!"

    thought itd be of interest to some...

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    Re: barista docu

    I saw that a while ago now...its awesome. Its also very old. The barista competition shown in there was a few years ago.

    Jennifer Prince actually won that comp....hardcore training


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        Re: barista docu

        Yeh I saw this a while ago as well, I think it was a great little short doco.

        I really love the line at the start when talking to the 1st barista. He is talking about a question he gets asked sometimes.

        "Well where do you see yourself in 5 years?"
        "Well you know making coffee"
        "Well yeah I know thats what youll have to be doing in 5 years time - but what do you want to be doing in 5 years time??"

        Short exaspartated pause

        "Makin coffee"

        This is great, such passion in anything should be commended. It doesnt matter what it is you do (I guess as long as you can survive), but to do something that you love and to be passionate about it is unreal.

        At the moment I have this passion about making coffee - believe me I am no barista, and am struggling to make a repeatable OK cup - but I LOVE the process of making coffee, and love making coffee for others at work and at home if there are coffee drinkers visiting and I hope to keep this passion for a long time.

        I am trying to apply this sort of thinking to all things in my life because I think really it isnt a bad ethos to have (maybe Im looking a little deep I know, but hey thats what I got from it )