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Adjusting Pour of Espresso

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  • Adjusting Pour of Espresso

    Hello there, Im new to this forum and not sure if Im posting in the right section for assistance. Which I need unfortunately

    Anyway, with my no-name espresso machine, I find that when I changed to a new coffee bean, the pour quantity actually became very excessive. Its around 45ml rather than around 30-35ml and is becoming bitter by then.

    Ive played around with grind size and also making sure my baskets are usually filled with the correct amount of coffee at the right tamper pressure. Of course these make huge differences although the main problem still persists. Im trying hard to maintain the quality of the shots so that we have a good crema for the first 25-30ml. Its just that after this has been poured I have to manually take the cup away or press the stop button. This is becoming too inconsistent sometimes especially if someone else is using the machine to make the coffee!

    My 1st question is, is adjusting the amount of pour from the machine side easy enough to do by myself or do I have to get someone to come in to re-tune it for me? Im a novice with coffee machine hardware although I have the heart to make a decent 8-9/10 coffee each time!

    2ndly, my steam wand has 4 holes and I seem to think (albeit stand corrected) that I cant produce microfoam the way I want it to. The 4 holes are all squirting into different directions and the milk isnt whirlpooling/circulating. My theory is that, if my milk isnt spinning properly then it means some milk is being bubbled up too much whereas other parts of the milk in some corner is still too watery. I was kind of thinking if I could get a 2 hole or 1 hole wand itll fare better for me with better micro-foam or should I blame it on a cheap crappy machine we bought from a bean supplier? Also does the steam pressure has to do with this?

    If I want a different wand where would I be able to purchase this?

    Thanks for all the help and if you can just partially assist in anyway thats highly appreciated too! Cheers..

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    Re: Adjusting Pour of Espresso

    Gday Omote,
    Ill take an educated guess that it is a volumetric dose type commercial machine.
    It sounds like your volume needs re-programming back to 30ml/60ml single/double. The programmed volume is dependant on grind, dose and tamp used in the basket. It would help if you could give us some more info about your machine.
    In relation to the steaming, I mean absolutely no offence, but it sounds like you need more practice, but Ill defer to the pros in relation to steaming with a commercial machine.
    Give us some more info, and Im sure that the answers will come forth.


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      Re: Adjusting Pour of Espresso

      Omote, the volumetric pads are designed to be programmed by yourself. You dont need a technician, and it is very very easy and quick to do. Not knowing what machine you have I cant assist with the specifics.

      Four-hole steam wands are tricky to master. I suggest you talk to Pedro at, tell him what brand machine you have and whether one of his spares will screw right in.



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        Re: Adjusting Pour of Espresso

        Ill bite with the steam. Have you seem the La Marzocco acorn 4 hole steam tips? They shoot out steam in 4 different directions.......its merely a matter of positioning your tip and wand at the right position. These things (4 hole tips) make steaming milk a quick affair....but one slip and youll paint the walls with you have to make sure youre holding the jug right.

        Have you invested time in a barista course aimed for practicing baristas? Have a chat to your roaster and see if they have any baristas that run workshops.


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          Re: Adjusting Pour of Espresso

          Welcome to CoffeeSnobs omote [smiley=thumbsup.gif],

          I think if we had a brand name and model number for the machine you have, it would make it a lot easier for us to try and help you out with advice thats specific to your machine. If you dont have a make and model number, would it be possible to take a photo of it and then attach it to your next post.

          We love to help fellow members get the best out of their machines but knowing a few more specifics about your particular machine will help us to help you much more . All the best,



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            Re: Adjusting Pour of Espresso

            Thanks for the help from everyone.

            I will definitely try to get a picture of the machine and see if anyone could help.

            With the 4 holes on the steam wand, I probably didnt write it with the best explanation but actually I could make it swirl nicely sometimes but my staff cant do it consistently as you got to find that very narrow sweet spot. On other machines Ive tried it seemed to be much more easier. Like Wushoes said, sometimes if I try to bring up the wand a bit just to suck in some air to get it all happening, inevitably you miss once in a while and theres milk on the walls..

            Also most of the time I could still see way too much turbulence especially near the end when I dip the wand down closer to the bottom of the jug. Its making big bubbles even if I make a flat white sometimes.

            Anyhow I will try to get some more information and see if anyone could help me with the volume of espresso as well. Cheers!