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Whats in my grinder and cup today?

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ID:	753402Went out for coffee today... Never expected to be so very, very, delighted we bought an expresso machine. Still need to work on my milk art.


    • It's amazing how using good beans and simply paying attention can have you producing coffee equal to or better than 80% of cafes.


      • Grinder: Mocha Java with 50:50 Yemen Mocha Ismaili and Indo West Java Gr8 1

        Cup: espresso, flat white, piccolo latte

        I thought I should have a classic Mocha Java blend on my bucket list, assuming that the classic blend ratio is 50:50. Whatever, here I sit 11 days post-roast, very happily caffeinated.
        I thought I had flubbed the roast when as it looked rather dark when it had reached 215° and hearing rolling second crack when I lifted the lid of my KKTO. Oh no, too dark and the roast smelled a bit too much like old sports shoe.
        Cracking the bag at day 8, the result in the cup was a bit meh but by day 10 it was much nicer. The espresso I had yesterday was quite smooth.
        The breakfast flat white this morning was exquisite, red wine and fruit cake flavours cutting nicely through the milk. Likewise, the morning tea cuppa. I made a piccolo latte half coffee half milk straight after. This had a long preinfusion (11 seconds) resulting in more intense flavours in the cup and this time got chocolate flavours as well, no bitterness.
        Bucket list well and truly ticked.
        Lesson learned: don't be afraid to take the Yemen roast a bit darker.


        • Today it's Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu at between City+ and Full City in an automatic drip maker. I usually prefer City+ but I waited a few seconds too long to dump this time. Still good, but some of the origin character was lost. I need to try some in the Aeropress and see if I can't squeeze out some more flavor.