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  • Roasting info.

    I was hoping someone on this site could help in the right direction. I have a small mobile coffee business that i run from a trailer. I currently run it on weekends in a small country town park. I do from 3-4 kgs a weekend and more if there is an event on. I was considering buying a 1kg roaster with the intent of selling small amounts on the counter of the trailer as the business increases.
    Can someone recommend a roaster and what steps should be taken re. training and so on.

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Roasting info.

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      Re: Roasting info.

      Hi Greg and welcome.

      Ill get the ball rolling for you though Im certainly no expert on the subject. i hope though, that you find my comments useful. A few months ago I researched the idea of purchasing a 1kg roaster myself and decided against it for a number of reasons...

      They start at about $5k, and whilst they can produce one roast after another, there are cheaper options such as the corretto, drum roaster, or a daisy chain of genes.

      Also, dont forget that while roasters are branded, 1kg, 5kg, etc. that this isnt what you end up with as end product. If I were in the market for a commercial roaster, I think it would be well worthwhile to look at a 5kg as a better entry point.

      Aside from that, something else you might consider is that people who roast for a living have a distinct advantage called "consistency". They are able to reproduce blends over and over again, allowing for different crops, availability, etc. If you think your customers would be happy to perhaps have a different tasting coffee than the one they might have had last time then thats fine....I would suggest you market it as such. cause people dont usually like surprises!

      All the best with it!


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        Re: Roasting info.

        Some good points Dennis. I was hoping that i would eventually become one of those people who roast for a living selling consistently good coffee. After all, the professional roasters had to start from the beginning like myself.Practice makes perfect(sometimes)