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  • Has this happened to you?

    I had my first go at roasting 350gm of pre-blended beans.  The lucky varieties were:  Peru Grace Estate 60%, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 30% & Dominican Republic Barahona AAA 10%.

    Still getting used to the whole "corretto" setup, heatgun distance & temp, knead cycle of the bread maker...but anyway I digress.  For the life of me, I couldnt hear any distinguishable cracks at all, so I turned the heat down after about 6 minutes & kept on roasting.  As far as I was concerned the roast was looking to be all over the place.  I put this down to the different varieties (well I hope that was the reason :P).

    I planned on roasting a bit longer to try to get a more even roast...and the bread maker just stops, whilst the heat gun merrily blasts away.  I quickly turn it off & look at the roast.  I reckon it was a shocker!  CS5 through to CS9.  Some beans even looked woody?  I thought twice about keeping them & think..."what the hay"

    After my roasting "triumph", I definitely needed a good cuppa!  It had been about an hour since the roast & I knew it will be a shocker anyway so I have nothing to lose!  I put my freshly roasted beans in the hopper of my (I know why it was free) burr grinder to find beans getting caught in the burrs causing the grinder to jam (probably the ones that looked like wood).  I had three separate attempts with the same results.  After tipping out the half ground beans a few times & virtually re-feeding them into the hopper one by grinding was finally done!

    I commenced the most careless attempt at dosing & tamping imaginable, & the following shot just choked in the machine after about 15 to 20 seconds.  I had seemingly tamped & over-dosed so badly, that I could still see the puck expanding as I removed the PF!

    I add my milk tasted sensational    A nice smooth feel with a hint of citrus flavour.  It was fantastic!

    Has anyone else had so much go against them to find the result to be unexpected surprise?


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    Re: Has this happened to you?

    Id say youve been pretty lucky with that particular pre-blend roast Secksy...... From my experience with the Dominican bean it is a very hard and tough little bugger, even tougher than the Yirg and definitely much more so than the PGE. Would explain the wide variation in roast colour.

    If you want to give this blend a retry, Id roast the Dominican separately to the others which would probably be ok together and then blend the lot post-roast. All in all though, this blend would probably work pretty well together but with maybe 20-25% Yirg and 15-20% Dominican. The Dominican is very nice on its own though and worth trying as an SO. All the best,



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      Re: Has this happened to you?

      Thanks Mal

      Ill give that a go!


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        Re: Has this happened to you?

        Nah, I messed up some roasts in my popper early days and they tasted like s..................t, overroasted and oily but that was all part of my learning process, thankfully subsequent roasts have improved out of sight, especially since setting up my Corretto.
        Im hanging out for next bean pickup as my stocks are getting low...................