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  • Secret of coffee making

    Hi guys,

    I am new to this forum and from overseas. Have been to Sydney for the last 1,5 years and I really miss the country and the great people. Anyway, I am here to talk about coffee

    I am trying to find out how the guys in Sydney made this extremly delicious latte and cappucino. It was alwas sooooo creamy and not too strong. I loved that coffee style from the first day I drunk my latte at Macquarie university. It was made with a Schibello maschine and was fantastic!!! How can I make such a coffee???

    What is the secret of making such a good tasting and CREAMY coffee? The foam? The temperature? The beans? The maschine?

    I hope there is someone who can help me on that.

    Many thanks in advance and I wish you a happy christmas time!

    Cheers, Seb

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    Re: Secret of coffee making

    Hi Scheb, it is a combination of all the factors you mentioned above.
    A good shot of espresso or ristretto and then milk microfoamed and textured to give you that velvety smooth taste.
    Making good coffee is an art form requiring fresh beans, a good grinder, tamping and dosing are crucial factors as well, brew temperature.
    On occasions I use a full cream single origin milk from the SW of Perth and it makes heavenly long whites and capos.
    Im sure you will get plenty of advice and encouragement from this forum from our enthusiastic and passionate CSers...............MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY COFFEE YEAR!!!!


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      Re: Secret of coffee making

      Thanks for your quick reply! Great to hear that we have some passionate people in this forum.

      Could I get some detailed hints on how to make that great coffee? What kind of beans should I try? How fine do I need to grind them?

      How do you produce the delicious and creamy microfoam??? Is it made at a particular temperature? Whats about the tamping? What brew temperature should I try first?

      We have a lot of Italian coffee bars over here, but none of them makes such a good coffee like Aussies. I really look forward to learn your coffee making style guys.

      Enjoy your christmas time!

      Cheers, Seb


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        Re: Secret of coffee making

        Where is over here?
        What machine do you have.
        What grinder?


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          Re: Secret of coffee making

          I am originally from the Czech Republic, but live in Germany and I intend to buy a good expresso machine and a grinder for my small shop. Unfortunately I have no experience in coffee making. That is why I need some help from you guys.

          Cheers, Seb


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            Re: Secret of coffee making

            You will get plenty of that on CS Scheb, do some research on a Rancilio Silvia and Rocky grinder combination, I have these and they produce a wonderful espresso and microfoam for milk drinks.
            Once you have the hardware CSers will help you get the best out of whatever machine you buy.
            Key elements: freshly roasted beans, ground just before extraction, proper dose, proper tamp and brewing temperature, sounds easy?!!!!!
            Hope you have a Happy Xmas and New Year and good luck with your search..........................................


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              Re: Secret of coffee making

              Hi Seb,

              Lets start with your requirements, because without those its pretty hard to get an accurate shopping list. The combo Greenman suggested is a good one but only in certain situations:
              * What types of drinks will you be making?
              * How many drinks will you be making in one session (e.g. 2 lattes in the morning and 2 in the afternoon; regularly catering for a dozen milk-drinking guests; busy bar making coffee all day)?
              * Whats your budget?
              * Do you have a roaster local to you?

              We can certainly help out with getting the best out of whatever you get, but if youre completely new to coffee as it sounds you may also like to consider trying to track down a good barista training course, either nearby or a reputable DVD or similar as this may help you get up and running a bit faster. Otherwise you can post videos on youtube of what youre doing as you go; but whatever happens it can take a bit longer to accurately diagnose problems if youre not even sure where to start and what things are called! But were a helpful lot and weve done it via youtube before, so if you go it alone well do our best!