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  • Weird

    So I stumbled across a very old CS thread

    But there is an attachment called "small.jpg" and the post is dated 20 Sept 2005.

    Small.jpg is just a resized photo of what I had on my phone as this photo was taken on my Nokia phone on 26th Dec 2006 according to the file properties. Now I remember resizing this photo for CS to show microfoam was possible on an EM6910 as shown in this thread.

    2 questions...

    1) Why did he put my photo as an attachment in and more importantly...
    2) How did he acquire the photo before the photo was even taken??

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    Re: Weird

    I think I know the answer David.
    ... its a BUG.

    Which might be fixed in the next version of the forum software that I am currently testing.

    Lets confirm in this thread...

    attached to this is small.jpg (CS logo)


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      Re: Weird

      Yep, it let me upload a picture of the same name and overwrote the stored image on the server.

      So now shows the CS logo.


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        Re: Weird

        ...and for some reason if I try and repost your image called small.jpg it just ignores the upload and puts a link to the cslogo.

        The next version of YABB has an option to auto-rename duplicate file names and that should fix this problem.

        I have renamed your image to dw-small.jpg and attached it below.

        The "fix" (not a great fix) for now is upload unique named pictures.


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          Re: Weird

          interesting and very plausible. Thanks Andy....just curious.


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            Re: Weird

   I open this thread again and the image is back to your image.

            The other factor in play here is browser cache and webserver cache that might display the last known image and not the one that is actually on the server.

            Below is the cs logo called small.jpg.

            As the last small.jpg it will be the one that is shown for all small.jpg pics that were uploaded (after the cache is cleared).

            The next version of Yabb with renaming should save a few head scratches!


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              Re: Weird

              FIXED IT!
              (phew, now I can go to bed)

              If you try to upload a file and one already exists on the server it will now say:

              "A file on the server already exists with that name. Please rename your file before attaching. "

              That should stop the problem from happening again.