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  • Decaf beans


    I have only just found this website, and as soon as I get home Im going to order and roast my own....

    I do like caffiene, but I also like drinking coffee at all hours... so the decaf beans have been awesome.

    I dont know what the decaf process is, but can you buy green decaf beans? or do I have to buy them already roasted?

    How much do these types of beans cost? I presume they are more expensive....

    Can anyone help me?

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    Re: Decaf beans

    Hi Lovebite,

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs!
    We have been buying a good swiss water processed Decaf Blend. Its green (but it looks roasted) so you have to roast it yourself. On average its been around $7-$9kg. We were reluctant to tey it as we dont like decaf much but we really like it. On average beans are around $4-$5kg so it is a bit more expensive.  

    If you look in the forum under "Finished Polls" it will give you an idea on prices for coffees weve bought in the past.



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      Re: Decaf beans

      Thanks Rae,

      I noticed that there was only one poll underway when I looked yesterday.... how often do the decaf beans come up? or generally how often do you run polls?

      Finally, Im in Perth.... do you post the beans over with australia post? have there been any issues with sending beans in the past?

      I ask because I know that WA (like some other states I suppose) have been a little twitchy about plants e.t.c.



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        Re: Decaf beans

        I dont see to much prob in putting up a decafe pool at the end of Jan. We need some ourselves.



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          Re: Decaf beans

          Sweet... Ill keep my eyes open for it!

          and thank you